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Javascript is the only language people use without first learning the language.”

– Douglas Crockford

Sometimes called the Godfather of Javascript, Douglas Crockford is currently the premier authority on safe, effective Javascript.  If you use Javascript and have not seen: Javascript – The Good Parts Stop what you are doing and watch this presentation now. This is a great presentation of Crockfords mature thinking on Javascript. After working for years on advanced methods of inheritance in javascript he has moved beyond both Prototypal and Pseudoclassical inheritance.  Crockford currently recommends what he calls Parasitic Inheritiance (aka: the Power Constructor).  To get into all the details, including some dead ends which Crockford has explored try his presentation: Advanced Javascript.

I will be discussing Crockford’s use of Closures, the Singleton and the Power Constructor in the next few Javascript posts. Until then take a look at these presentations.  Your code will never be the same again.

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