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FlickrRiver.Com Is A Third Party Free Viewer for Flickr.Com Photos.

  • The display format is very nice (much nicer than Flickr itself);
  • The Display returns results in a stream (think Bing or Cooliris Image Displays); and
  • Is programmable via a RESTful interface.
  • Blog Badge is available

Visit it NOW
Here is a simple Badge from FlickRiver.
Click On The Badge To Launch FlickRiver Viewer


Clicking on this Badge will launch the FlickrRiver Web Page which will display Flickr photos in a very nice format.  The

Photos displayed are subject to parameters in the anchor tag’s href URL (We are talking REST here).

The Badge JPG is created on the fly and is referenced with a RESTful (but more obscure) URL

The HTML looks like this

<a href=””&gt;
src=”; border=”0″ alt=”dlr2008″ title=”dlr2008″/>

The jump href looks like:

<a href=””>

where dennisredfield is any flick user name.

where popular-interesting is a parameter of what to search for within the user name part of the URL.

There are constructions for this URL to provide searching Flickr Groups, all photos, etc.

See the web site FlickRiver For the full list of options.

The image tag is more complex, the new (randomized ) jpg is generated  (based on the URL parameters) on the fly each time the page containing the Flick River Badge markup is loaded. The (RESTful)  parameters of the image URL are harder to guessed at.  The image URLs I am using here were generated at the Web Site and I simply copied and pasted them into my markup.

Security Notes:

In order to access the Web Site to create badges, Flickr River requires you to

  • Have an active Yahoo/Flickr Account; and
  • To Grant FlickRiver access to your private photos (!)

What do you get for this?  Access to the badge markup generator and the nice Badge JPG customized to your search criteria.  So what can you do if you don’t want to give FlickRiver access to all of your Flickr photos?  Well, just hack the URLs themselves.  We are talking REST here.

Here is a FlickRiver Badge based on searches for the Most Recent Public Flickr photos tagged with the phrase ‘Lennon’:

Click On The Badge To Launch FlickRiver Viewer For A Lennon Search


The HTML markup for this looks like:

<a href=””>
<img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Lennon” title=”Flickr Most Recent: Lennon”/></a>

Here Is the Same Badge Markup as generated by FlickRiver.  The JPG image tag is different.
View 'Lennon' photos on Flickriver

Here Is the Mark Up:

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”View ‘Lennon’ photos on Flickriver” title=”View ‘Lennon’ photos on Flickriver”/></a>

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