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John Resiq’s book: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja is available on line from Manning Publishers I started reading this last night and it is a mind blowing experience.  We are not in the land of Crockford’s JavaScript: The Good Parts anymore. Ninja Programming, Indeed!

This book is not free and it is unfinished. For your $24.99 you get the finished chapters (as a PDF) and a copy of the e-book when John finishes it.

John Resig is the principle author of JQUERY

Highly recommended!

Here is the current status of the book as listed at the book publishers site:

Table of Contents Resources
1. Introduction – FREE
2: Testing and debugging – AVAILABLE
3: Functions – AVAILABLE
4: Closures – AVAILABLE
5: Function prototypes – AVAILABLE
6: Timers – AVAILABLE
7: Regular expressions – AVAILABLE
8: With statements – AVAILABLE
9: Code evaluation – AVAILABLE
10: Strategies for cross-browser code – AVAILABLE
11: CSS Selector Engine – AVAILABLE
12: DOM modification – AVAILABLE
13: Attributes and CSS
14: Events
15: Ajax
16: Animation
17: Performance

* Author Online
Go here to discuss this title with the author
* Source code (66 KB)

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