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IPOD Video: Rangeley Lake, Maine

I have previously written about cheap video on this blog.  Recently my mp3 player gave up the ghost and I bought a replacement.  An IPOD Nano G5.  Generally I am very happy with the product.  A new feature of the Nano is a video camera.

The good news:

  • the video output is very good
  • the audio capture is very good
  • the video is stored in mp4 format

The bad news:

  • the placement of the camera lens maximizes your ability to get good videos of your fingers when you think you are making a movie of something else
  • the ITunes software does NOT support moving your videos off the IPOD and onto your hard drive.  There is a work around however.

You and see an edited IPOD Nano video from my camera by clicking on the start button of the video in the upper right hand corner of this blog.  To see the video in it full MP4 resolution just click on the center of the video while it is running and you will be taken  to Flickr and will see the natural resolution.  Note that the output is in mp4 and the sound and video quality are excellent as long as you stay within the defined resolution – 640-by-480 VGA.  The MP4 format is fast (there is hardware decompression on the IPOD G5 chip set we understand).  There are some rather stupid special effects available on the IPOD (like xray, grayscale etc) but we avoid these.  Since I am Wintel based I translated the MP4 output to AVI format and edit the video using Windows Movie Maker (which is what you see on the flickr based video included with this post).  Flickr does NOT support MP4 files so a translation is ncessary for this site anyway.  You Tube, Facebook and Daily Motion will support MP4 files directly.

On the IPOD the only edit option you have is to delete all videos from the device.  ITunes ignores the videos completely.  If you want to delete selectivily or to move the files to your hard drive you need to do the following:

Go to the summary screen of IPOD and select the “Enable”  disk use option.

Using your File Explorer Navigate to the IPod Nano device and either

copy and/or delete the MP4 files within the DCIM folder.

Now if I can just keep my finger of the camera lens!

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