Grateful Dead At the Capital Theater – 1980-04-01   3 comments

It all rolls into one
and nothing comes for free
There’s nothing you can hold
for very long
And when you hear that song
come crying like the wind
it seems like all this life
was just a dream.
Stella Blue  By  Hunter & Garcia

Just about half way through their performing career, 1980 was a very interesting year for the Grateful Dead.
The Good Old Grateful Dead Daze were gone and the deep soul of 1989-1990 was yet to come. The 1980 sound is very striped down and Jerry’s playing is hot. Some of this is captured on the Dead.Net CD: Going to Nassau.

The Internet Archive has a vast collection of Grateful Dead concerts including 1980 and specifically (for our purposed today) the April Fools Day concert at the Capital Theater. The sound quality is good and the band is alive (this is the second date on their 1980 spring tour and the second night at the Capital).

This show rocks.

Listen to it today.

Jacob's Ladder - BW Inversion dlr2008

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3 responses to “Grateful Dead At the Capital Theater – 1980-04-01

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  1. News is out that the entire archive is going to a uni in Cali stuff thats been off limits for years

  2. Just listened to the infamous “April fools show”…The Promised Land 1 was pretty funny…I can just picture Brent & Jerry laughing they’re asses off while trying to play the drums…It kinda sucks how Bobby took over the singing and did’nt let Mickey sing the whole thing…So what if he cant sing and was muckin’ up the lyrics? Was’nt that kinda the whole point?…I guess the perfectionist in Weir just could’nt resist taking over. As far as the rest of the show goes…WOW!! The guys sounded nice and crisp and obviously everybody was in a nice light mood after playing that joke on the kids.1980 was a great year for the band musically…Jerry’s playing in paticular is SCORCHING HOT!! Did’nt start seeing The Dead until 1988(Oxford,Maine) So,I know I missed ALOT of stuff,But at least the Gratefully Deadicated Tapers recorded just about everything these guys ever played,So I have a lifetime of wonderful GRATEFUL DEAD music to listen to….And for that I am TRULY GRATEFUL….I want to take a minute to THANK everybody who ever taped a live dead performance AND all the cool people who take time to make it possible for me to look up just about ANY show and enjoy-
    Peace,Love,And Happiness to all my Brothers and Sisters…..We love each other-


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