Grateful Dead V3.0 – 1990 Performances   Leave a comment

The Dead played an active schedule during the spring and summer of 1990. Brent Midland’s last show was 1990-07-23 and he died of an overdose on 1990-07-26

I have been listening to the Internet Archive 1990 concerts from January to July.  The Dead continued touring into the fall of 1990 but  I don’t have the heart to listen to  those concerts.

Commercial Releases

The most important Dead organization releases drawn from this period are:

Without A Net (with shows from both 1989 and 1990); and

the incomparable, Dozin’ At The Knick (1990)

If you only listen to one live grateful dead show from the 1990’s, etc, etc, Dozin’ At the Knick is the one.  Jerry and Brent’s voices are excellant throughout and Jerry absolutely nails the ballads on  Dozin’ At The Knick .  Jerry flies like a butterfly and stings  like a bee here.  Standouts include definitive renditions of :

  • Row Jimmy,

  • Lady with a Fan,

  • Stella Blue and

  • Jack-A-Roe.

  • Strangely missing from Dozin’ At the Knick is “Let The Good Times Roll” which was the opener that night (as well as on  many other late 1989 and early 1990 shows).  Listen to a version here:

Internet Archive

To get down with the dead you will need to go to the Internet Archive and browse the rather complete collection of shows.  You can stream these shows (or with a few extra mouse clicks even streamed songs can be downloaded) See my comments in prior logs here and here on how to do this.  Steal this Song.

There are at least four other standout songs in the Dead sets of this era not covered by these commercial releases:

  • Peggy-o,

  • The Weight,

  • Gimme Some Lovin’ (New Age Version)  and the amazing

  • Standing on the Moon.

Try these versions:

There are many good and some great dead shows between January and July.    Some of these include:

Try ’em.  You’ll like ’em.

Fantasy Grateful Dead Set – 1990

Here’s what’s on my IPod from the 1990 concerts:

Let The Good Times Roll  – Copps 1990-03-22

Gimme Some Lovin’  – Nasssau – 1990-03-30

Standing On The Moon – Cardinal Stadium 1990-07-06

Row Jimmy  – Dozin’ At The Knick

Uncle John’s band – Dozin’ At The Nick

The Other One – Dominguez Hills 1990-05-06

Dear Prudence Jam – Oakland Coliseum 1991-12-30 (trust me)

The Wheel – Nasssau – 1990-03-30

The Weight – Dominguez Hills 1990-05-06

Brokedown Palace – Dozin’ At The Nick

Jack-A_Roe – Dozin’ At The Nick

Peggy-O – Capital Center 1990-03-16

Gimme Some Lovin – Cal Expo Amphitheater 1990-06-10 ( it’s my fantasy set)

Lady With A Fan – Dozin’ At The Nick

Dear Mr. Fantasy Without A Net (from the Omni 1990-04-01)

Hey Jude – The Omni 1990-04-01 – (this is the next track after Dear Mr. Fantasy on Without A Net)

Stella Blue – Dozin’ At The Nick

The Wheel – Dozin’ At The Nick

Black Peter – Dozin’ At The Nick

Deal – JGB – 1990

Dear Prudence – JGB – 1990

Rain – Oakland Coliseum 1992-12-12

Chanting By Gyoto Monks – Shoreline Amphitheater 1995-06-02


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