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Photo By Jane, 2010

Borestone Mountain Sanctuary And Little Wilson Stream Hikes

The Maine Audubon Society maintains a Bird Sanctuary at Borestone Mountain.  This is an ideal half day hike up a moderately difficult, but well maintained, trail leading to peak of Borestone Mountain.   There are spectacular 360 degree views of  Barren Ledges Moutain, Bodfish Valley and the 100 mile wilderness  from the summit.  This is a nice half day hike of a modest one mile hike to the Audubon Hut and an additonal 1 mile to the summit.  You will gain about 800 feet during the last mile.  Thanks to the Maine Conservation Corps for constructing  over 140 stone steps to help hikers with the ascent.  For more details check out the web site for the Sanctuary: Borestone Mountain Sanctuary.

Boarstone Mountain, Maine

In the same area as Borestone mountain is Little Wilson Stream.  The hike here includes Little Wilson Falls (lower and upper) and the Little Wilson Gorge.  The upper falls is among the top ten longest waterfall in Maine.  The Gorge, located between the lower and upper falls, also among the top five deepest gorges in Maine.  This is not as well visited as Borestone Mountain but worth the effort to find.  The trails here are lightly marked until you reach the Little Wilson spur of the AT.  The hike here allows solitude and a chance to look what the Great North Woods looked like ‘back in the day.’

Both Borestone Mountain and Little Wilson Stream are easily accessable from the town of Monson, Maine.  Both hikes, which are within an few miles radius of each other, can be reached about eight miles out of town on the Elliotville Road.  There are hostels for hikers in Monson (mostly serving AT hikers).  We have stayed The Lakeshore House (highy recommended).  If you are interested in more photos of the 100 Mile Wilderness area visit the flickr site of ems18.  My flickr site has some additional images of Borestone and Little Wilson.

Little Wilson Stream        Little Wilson Stream Trail                  The Gorge






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