Let’s Visit the World of the Future!

Amazing Film By Douglass Smith.  Read more (or less) about this film on the IMDB

One Reviewer Wrote:

Ahead of it’s time at least once, this heartfelt hatred of what passes for normal life is a must see for any moviegoer, (or downloader, the director recently posted it to usenet) All four horseman of the apocalypse are back this time in their wackiest adventure yet. (no horseman appear in this film) Remember kids, clowns are bad and in the future they have advanced weaponry. (weapon-toting clowns DO appear in this film) One of the things this film reminded me, was how much I enjoy seeing acts of torture and violence (MANY MANY acts of violence appear in this film)So if you are the kind of person who believes joe-six-pack has sent all of us to the brink of destruction, and society gets all the DOOM it deserves, you will LOVE this film. Oh yeah, for most of you, this will break your *weird* gland, don’t worry… its not a bug it’s a feature. Enjoy your new brain.

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