Grateful Dead 1977-05-25 (and a little 1977-05-08)   Leave a comment

I only saw the Grateful Dead once.  I was a student (barely) at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and it was November 1971.  The Dead played with The New Riders and Jerry joined them during the second half of their set.  A had gone to the concert with a couple of true Dead Heads from my dorm.  How Dead were they? While they had been following the dead tour since school had started in the fall and this was the first time we saw them in Albuquerque this semester.  During the first par to the NRPR set there was ol’ Jerry wandering around the back of the auditorium.


Many Dead Heads swear by Dick’s Pick #18 as a definitive sample of the Grateful Dead in the late 1970’s.  This was recorded in America’s  heartland, Iowa on  1978-02-03 and 1978-02-05.  For capturing not only the Godchaux’s (Donna and Keith). Canonical version of  Scarlet Begonias and Fire On The Mountain.  Donna not in the best of voice that night.  Besides the internet archive makes the  music from this era available for free  (but not 1978-02-03 and 1978-02-05).  I have documented elsewhere how to get to the Grateful Dead recordings on the Internet Archive and how to make copies of even the streaming versions of the Dead shows on the Internet archive (Steal This Show!). The (free) music available at this site is more varied than the releases in the Dick’s Picks Series and (in my opinion) is often mixed with a more exciting and live style.  Some of the official archive show releases from the Dead organization seem to have the life sucked out of them in the re-mixing process.  As good as the February, 1978 shows are I suggest that you take a listen at some of the May, 1977.  The Dead has a great run of shows that month.

St. Paul Civic Center Arena on 1977-05-11 (Charlie Miller Sound Board Recording)

Mosque on 1977—5-25 (Charlie Miller Sound Board Recording)

Barton Hall on 1977-05-08 (Matrix Recording)

My IPod Playlist of 05/1977 is set up like this:


There are many Blogs for the seriously involved Dead Head:

Dead Blog; and this one, and this one.

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