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I have alwaysMIX11_BB_SeeYouAt_1 had mixed feelings (so to speak)  about MIX.  On the one hand, some of those Microsoft folks are awful smart.  On the other hand  they can have a limited (well frankly) indoctrinated view of the Web.  Will I be there this April?  You bet.  I don’t have really high expectations for a conference like this.  I want to see ONE good idea that I can use, ONE bad idea to stay away from and a lot of code.  MIX has always supplied the later in abundance.

Three Reasons to  Attend MIX 11

Scores of quality presentations with lots of code.

The opportunity to network with some really smart engineers and get some answers.

The chance to pressure Microsoft to be more supportive of JQuery and HTML5 and get IE9 out the door while we can still breath.

  • Three Reasons NOT to attend MIX 11
  • The Venue. The only bad thing about MIX is the venue.  Vegas, like other perversions, is best experienced once when you are young and then put aside.  This spring will not be my first MIX nor is it my first experience with Lost Wage$ and I am no longer young.   Culturally, this is suck city.
  • Key Note speeches you can see later on line (my advise is to sleep in).
  • An Attendee Party which really snores. 

Edgy, this conference is NOT.  For that try a QCon conference, the JQuery Developers Conference or AJAX Experience.  To understand where a main stream major player is heading (or rather where they WANT you to head) this is the conference to attend.

Now about IE9…well this just in from InfoQ

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