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Microsoft finally got around to posting a list of the sessions available for MIX 2011.   There are 86 sessions, keynotes and Boot Camps –  with a lot of attention to Phone 7 and a surprising number of Silverlight sessions.  Sessions of interest to me:  MVC and Azure and HTML5 are well represented.  Although there is a fair amount of non-Micro$oft content the weight is still heavy on things which Microsoft can sell you (like Azure cloud services) or products you can code for which will make Microsoft money (Phone 7).  But then again Microsoft is a capitalist organization not a social club.  Content quality looks to be at the consistently high level of prior conferences.  The Java Script panel is well hosted (Crockford, Hoban, Wifs-Brock and Janzcuk) and should be a lot of fun.  Now if we could only get John Resig to attend (dream on).

The downside for me (a self admitted code head) is that the sessions are crammed into a pretty small space (6 hours per day  of sessions)  so even a very dedicated attendee will only be able to attend about 18 sessions.  My personal list would include about 30 sessions so unless the actual (as yet unannounced) schedule is magical I am going to have to miss some good stuff.  Oh well, I can always check out how to program Phone 7 (this will go well with my knowledge of PL/1.  The keynotes are two additional hours  each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.   Hopefully these will be available on-line so sleeping in Tuesday and Wednesday will be an option.


Truth In Advertising: I do not pay my own way to attend MIX conferences.

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