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Criminally IrresponsibleDouglas Crockford on the work of the HTML5 standards committee of the W3C.

MIX 11 Day One

MIX 11 Day Two

MIX 11 Day Three

On the second day of MIX 11,  noted standup comic and all around funny man, Douglas Crockford, brought his act back to Vegas.  His routine was supported by fellow Javascript lumniaries: Luke Hoban, Allen Wirfs-Brock and Tomasz Janczuk.  Crockford took issue with the W3C’s work on HTML5 for  (and we paraphrase) ‘adding features without dealing with the security implications of these features and failing to correct existing security features in the DOM.’  Such comic bits along with his well known ‘Javascript is a near perfect language’ riff bought the crowd of the almost empty auditorium to its feet.  The small turn out for this panel is inexplicable to your scribe who attended a standing room only audience of almost 2,000 for a similar panel on Javascript (which included Crockford, Wirfs-Brock, Brendon Eich and Mark Miller) at the great, lamented Ajax Experience Conference in Boston in 2009.   The panel is to be complemented also for the extremely well tuned sense of haute couture which they brought to the stage.  Douglas Crockford also gave a second presentation coving changes coming in ECMAScript 5


Criminally Irresponsible

A high point of the Microsoft sessions on Day Two was “An Over view of the MS Web Stack of Love” as presented by the always entertaining Scott Hanselman.  Walking the high wire with a live demo featuring yesterday’s (!) build of the Visual Studio/Framework 4 MVC Scott presented a lively and very informative overview of MVC 3.  The session tape for this session is a much see.  Anyone who has any experience with RADRails will enjoy the familiar ‘embrace and extend’ strategy with Microsoft can play so well.   This is a monster effort from Microsoft and should grab back some of the mind share which MS lost in the Web community with its soon to be forgotten Web Forms approach.  Please have a look at what MS is doing in this area.  Insanely great and with an open embrace of the open community support (via NuGet). Entity Framwork which has some what of a confused history at Microsoft has finally found a home in this product.  MVC support (via EF) not only code first design (ala RADRails) but Model First and Schema First – dealers choice!  That and a little Linq, some JQuery and (soon) HTML5/CSS3 and this product is

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Get the bits, watch the session tape and code.


Scott Wows The Crowd at the Tuesday Keynote.

(See boss I did attend at least some of at least one keynote)

And of course there were the mini sessions in the afternoon:


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