Galactic Federation Of Light: Archangel Metatron & SaLuSa May 25 2011   1 comment

Save These Dates!

  • June 1  Partial Solar Eclipse

  • June 15  Total Lunar Eclipse

  • July 1 Partial Solar Eclipse

  • Nested Within These:

  • June 21 Summer Solstice 1:16 PM EDT

  • Metatron Thus:

The three occur exactly 15 days apart. It is two partial solar eclipses , sandwiching a full moon lunar eclipse. Barely enough breathing room, so get ready for a powerful ride. All of this is punctuated by an extremely powerful Solstice on June 21st. Whilst the two ‘outer eclipses’ of the Triad, are partial solar, do not think that their energies are lessened by the fact that they are not full eclipses, the energy of all 3 will be extremely potent, and felt by the entire planet, whether visible or not from your specific vector on the planet. The energy will encircle the globe and effect each of you.


SaLuSa Thus:

So what should you be doing as you anticipate and await the inevitable changes. We would suggest you try to keep your mind on the coming benefits and certainly focus on Ascension. There will be distractions for a time, but when we appear before you, your attention will be directed towards positive changes and you will be able to participate in some ways. Those of you with knowledge about us will be able to assist others in coming to terms with what is happening. Indeed, there is no reason why you should not do that now, as we value your help and therefore encourage you to be open about matters. Even although there is a time coming when we will speak to the masses, that personal touch will mean so much more…Here you are today so near to a quantum leap forward, that you have been preparing for since you commenced the long journey from out of the darkness.

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