What Happened at Fukushima and Why It Can Happen Here   2 comments

Arnie Gundersen and David Lochbaum of Fairewinds Associates gave an important presentation at a public forum, sponsored by C-10, at the Boston Public Library on 16 June 2011.  See this link for a one hour presentation background presentation on the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  This is a must watch video to understand the design failures of nuclear reactors and the massive danger of the huge amount of radioactive waste stored on site at our nuclear reactors.  For additional information and videos see the  Fairewinds Associates site and the C-10 site.  The Fukushima disaster continues.

“The primary cause is an extended loss of power at the power plant, as ironic as that might be.  When the earthquake occurred, the normal grid was lost, and the plant’s own in-plant power from the generators was also lost because of the result of the earthquake. . . .  The tsunami came in and wiped out the emergency diesel generators. . . .  There’s a backup to the backup: this plant has, as almost all US plants have, banks of batteries to provide enough power for one safety system per reactor.  In Japan, the battery banks were sized to last for 8 hours.  In the US plants, most of our reactors are designed for 4 hours.  So, the chances of our reactors surviving better with half the capacity is probably slim.” — David Lochbaum

2 responses to “What Happened at Fukushima and Why It Can Happen Here

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