The Grateful Dead At The Old Renaissance Faire Grounds – 1972-08-27   Leave a comment

Although there are a lot of strong 1972 recordings available of the Grateful Dead, this one is interesting for its expansive set list (three sets), a strong Dark Star, great Ken Kesey stage announcements, and some cool videos.

Grateful Breed discribes the concert this way:

A benefit for Ken Kesey’s brother’s Creamery that became one of the mythic best performances of their entire career. It was a hot day in Oregon, over 100 degrees farenheit.

First Set

  •  05:55 Stage Announcements, Intros, Gift Presentations
  •  03:31 The Promised Land
  •  09:15 Sugaree
  •  03:26 Me & My Uncle
  •  05:59 Deal
  •  06:29 Black-Throated Wind
  •  02:54 Stage Announcements
  •  06:50 China Cat Sunflower ->
  •  07:11 I Know You Rider
  •  02:25 Stage Announcements
  •  04:02 Mexicali Blues
  •  05:52 Bertha

Second Set

  •  05:46 Playin in the Band >
  •  12:58 Playin Jam ->
  •  03:04 Playing In The Band Reprise
  •  02:12 Stage Announcements
  •  09:07 He’s Gone
  •  02:51 Stage Announcements
  •  06:03 Jack Straw
  •  12:32 Bird Song
  •  01:04 Stage Announcements
  •  05:30 Greatest Story Ever Told

Third Set

  •  13:06 Dark Star ->
  •  18:30 \’Jazz Star\’ Jam ->
  •  05:15 El Paso ->
  •  11:23 Sing Me Back Home
  •  00:47 Stage Announcements
  •  08:44 Sugar Magnolia
  •  02:57 Stage Announcements
  •  07:00 Casey Jones
  •  05:28 One More Saturday Night
  •  02:02 Stage Announcements

The Internet Archive has the whole concert recording here.

If you ever wondered what Jerry is doing during those long Dark Star Variations watch this video except  (and where did he get all those black t-shirts?):
Want More Visuals? =>

Here is the concert (and more) on Video:

(This film escaped rather than released and seems to be produced(?) by Ken myself.  The opening sequences of this film are not from this 1972 concert.  Rather the visuals are from the the magic bus trips with Kesey, Cassidy and the Merry Pranksters.  The audio for these visuals from several 1966 Acid trips. After about five minutes of madness the film then turns to the madness of the 1972 concert.
Recommended Viewing.
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