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QCON the software conference hosted by InfoQ will be meeting in San Francisco next month form November 14 through November 16.  I attended last years conference and am looking forward to attending again this year.

I am also a regular attendee of the Microsoft MIX Conferences.  Even though both of these conferences focus on Web development the contrast between these two conferences could not be greater.  First off MIX is much larger and is of course devoted to all things Microsoft.  MVC 3 was the big push this year at MIX.  This is a very strong development approach for Microsoft doing its ‘embrace and extend’ dance which it does so well.  In this case source is Ruby on Rails and its approach to standard MVC development.  MVC 3 (and Microsoft) approaches the Web from the perspective of the corporate developer of (basically) client server architecture.  But it is not a bad or evil effort.  Indeed the improved and streamlined http pipeline used by IIS for MVC is fast, the tools development environment are well thought out and, once you drop down a level the low level support for Rest(ful) approaches, JSON and HTML templates is impressive.  In addition to JSON and JQUERY, Microsoft is also a strong supporter of the emergent ODATA standard.  I recommend MIX (and the Channel 9 videos of the conference) to anyone working with or considering Microsoft development tools. I always learn new things are gain important information on how to advance the web at MIX.  You can read more details on the sessions here.

In terms of big metal companies MVC 3 and Framework 4.0 are much stronger than anything Java EE has to offer. The biggest problem Microsoft has is that it can not seem to ship its HTML5 compatible browser and so it’s development systems do not optimize for (or even in some cases take advantage of) the strongest and newest features of HTML5.  In addition, try as they will two things Microsoft will never be is cutting edge or free.  Over in the LAMP and Rails  and NOSQL world QCon is offers a look at how the world of the web will be (or at least could be) if any of the independent developers who make up most of QCON’s speakers and attendee’s are able to hit the mark with the next big thing.  It’s always a mixed bag of nuts at QCon, a nice mixture of visionaries and hucksters, Rastafarians and Agile advocates.  I like this conference because in addition to providing me with some alternative voices to the Google and Microsoft and Oracle, it also forces me to both re-evaluate the way I am doing things and to think independently about HOW we can do web development.  And San Francisco is a much better venue than La$ Wage$.  This is a hacker fest without the emphasis on cool technique not how to create the next big thing (product or Brand).  This is NOT Web 2.0 Summit which is about venture capitalism defining the web.  Alexia Tsotsis will not be covering this.

By the way, if you are not reading InfoQ on the web regularly you ARE missing out.

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