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The on line magazine: Crooks And Liars has published  Kenneth Quinnell’s  50 state round up of Occupy Wall Street Blogs.  I am re-printing that list here in its entirety but urge you to visit Crooks and Liars directly.

Image: Colonel Flick

The 50-state blog round-up has existed over the years in various forms. The idea is to take a look at state and local blogs in order to see what important things are going on in state politics and campaigns, to get a preview of what’s coming to the national stage and to recognize the work of great state and local bloggers.

  • Washington: Horse’s Ass has video of a confrontation between police and a homeless woman at Occupy Seattle.
  • West Virginia: West Virginia Blue has lots of video from Occupy WV.
  • Wisconsin: Illusory Tenant reports that enthusiasm is so high for recalling Gov. Scott Walker (R) that a recent training session was over capacity.
  • Wyoming: Haven’t found any progressive blogs for this state yet.
  • Alabama: Left in Alabama points out that Democrats’ failure to challenge Sen. Richard Shelby allows him to use his PAC to help Republicans in other states.
  • Alaska: Mudflats has scenes from Occupy Alaska.
  • Arizona: Democratic Diva has footage from Occupy Phoenix.
  • Arkansas: Blue Arkansas notes that Rep. Steve Womack (R) opposes tax increases, except when Walmart asks for them.
  • California: Sacramento for Democracy says Occupy Sacramento is going to occupy the city council meeting.
  • Colorado: Square State is taking action to get Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) to stop the Occupy Denver arrests.
  • Connecticut: CT News Junkie reports upon the meeting between Occupy Hartford and anti-war protesters marking the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.
  • Delaware: Delaware Liberal has launched a great discussion on Occupy Delaware.
  • Florida: Eye on Miami discusses the difference between the tea party and Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Miami and others.
  • Georgia: Blog for Democracy says that Occupy Atlanta hasn’t exactly been the smoothest operation and that things work a bit differently in the South.
  • Hawaii: Aloha Politics calls for an end to the propping up of Wall Street.
  • Idaho: 43rd State Blues is excited that there is a Democrat, former NFL player Jimmy Farris, running in the first congressional district.
  • Illinois: Progress Illinois has video of some of the 175 protesters arrested in the Occupy Chicago Grant Park action.
  • Indiana: No recent posts.
  • Iowa: Bleeding Heartland reports that, after some arrests, a deal has been reached between Occupy Iowa and Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie about the space they are occupying.
  • Kansas: Kansas Free Press reports on Occupy Wichita.
  • Kentucky: Page One answers the question: “Why can’t Kentucky have nice things.”
  • Louisiana: Daily Kingfish says Bobby Jindal is raising huge sums for his re-election campaign.
  • Maine: Maine Progressives Warehouse documents Gov. Paul Lepage (R) and his assault on a labor mural in what is becoming known as “Mural-Gate.”
  • Maryland: Maryland Juice notes that Montgomery County is censoring a lot of the Internet, including LGBT websites.
  • Massachusetts: Blue Mass Group has a cross-post of an Occupy Boston attendee who is concerned about the movement being co-opted.
  • Michigan: Blogging for Michigan says the movement to repeal Public Act 4, the “Emergency Manager Law,” needs volunteers.
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Independent describes the Occupy MN response to sheriff’s deputies removing their tents.
  • Mississippi: A Liberal in the Midst shows scenes from Occupy Mississippi.
  • Missouri: Show Me Progress says Occupy STL is a Rorschach test for politicians and the media.
  • Montana: Left in the West says the will of the people of Montana will be heard on the use of medical marijuana.
  • Nebraska: New Nebraska Network notes that there were several great Occupy rallies across the state.
  • Nevada: Las Vegas Gleaner takes on Mitt Romney’s remarks about the Occupy movement being “dangerous.”
  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire has a guest post from State Rep. Jim Splaine warning Nevada that New Hampshire is serious about a December primary.
  • New Jersey: Blue Jersey says Occupy Trenton is carrying on despite threats from local authorities.
  • New Mexico: Clearly New Mexico reports from Occupy Albuquerque.
  • New York: Daily Gotham says it isn’t enough to occupy Wall Street, we have to divest from it as well.
  • North Carolina: The Progressive Pulse gives a rundown on the fallout of State House Speaker Thom Tillis’s comments that the state should “divide and conquer” those on public assistance.
  • North Dakota: North Decoder has a rundown on Occupy North Dakota events.
  • Ohio: Plunderbund reports that recent polls show opposition to Gov. John Kasich’s anti union SB5 bill is growing again.
  • Oklahoma: Blue Oklahoma suggests the media and conservatives mock Occupy OKC at their own risk and that the movement should be taken seriously.
  • Oregon: BlueOregon points out how protests can go wrong.
  • Pennsylvania: 2 Political Junkies report that Occupy Pittsburgh is challenging Sen. Pat Toomey for his work on behalf of the 1%.
  • Rhode Island: RI Future is impressed with the work of Occupy Providence.
  • South Carolina: SC Prog Blog is all over the story that the state’s voter identification law is discriminatory in its effect.
  • South Dakota: Madville Times calls South Dakota’s lone congresswoman out on her hypocrisy over condemning Washington spending while asking for Washington spending for her state.
  • Tennessee: Tennessee Guerilla Women say that Occupy Wall Street’s proposed national convention could change America.
  • Texas: Burnt Orange Report reports live from Occupy Austin.
  • Utah: The Side Track reports that state Democrats are formally charging the Republicans with engaging in a secret redistricting process.
  • Vermont: Green Mountain Daily brings Occupy Walmart to our attention.
  • Virginia: Blue Virginiahas audio of homophobic state senate candidate Tim McGhee (R) going on an anti-gay rant at a GLBT forum.The list used to create the post can be found here. If you know of a progressive state or local blog that isn’t on the list, e-mail me at quinnelk@hotmail.com and I’ll add it.

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