Grateful Dead – Winterland 1977-12-27   Leave a comment

I haven’t written about the Grateful Dead for a while now.  Many of the XMas shows of the Dead are not of the best quality.  This is a combination of unavailability of quality soundboard tapes and (often) less than inspired playing on the bands part.  This 1977 show is an exception.  Listen to the whole show on the Internet Archive here.  This tape is re-mastered by “Bertha” from a master reel source by Jay Ashley.  Excellent sound processing of a great show.  The first set ends with a strong “The Music Never Stopped” but the second set is on fire (so to speak).  I personally think this is a better show that Dick’s Pick 10 (1977-12-29) – and its free.

Not to be missed.

   Set 1

Bertha ->

Good Lovin

Brown Eyed Women



Looks Like Rain

Dire Wolf



El Paso

Friend Of The Devil

The Music Never Stopped

Set 2

Cold Rain And Snow

Lazy Lightnin’ ->


Scarlet Begonias ->

Fire On The Mountain ->

Estimated Prophet ->

He’s Gone

Truckin‘ ->

Wharf Rat ->

Around And Around

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