The Grateful Dead – The 1975 Tapes On The Internet Archive   1 comment

  • Grateful Dead Members During the  1970’s
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Bob Weir
  • Phil Lesh
  • Bill Kreutzmann
  • Ron “Pigpen” McKernan  (Left in June, 1972)
  • Mickey Hart  (Left in Febuary, 1971  and rejoins in October 1974 for the duration)
  • Keith Godchaux  (Joins In October, 1972 and left in Febuary, 1979)
  • Donna Godchaux – (Joins In March 1972 and left in Febuary, 1979)
  • Brent Mydland (Joins in April 1979 and left in July 1990)

The Grateful Dead In The 1970 – From The Hippie Cowboys of 1970 to the Jazz Age

While the core Grateful Dead members (Garcia, Weir, Lesh & Kreutzmann) remain members through out the 1970’s there were several changes in the band line up during this time.  PigPen left the band in ill health in 1972. Keith Godchaux joined that same year on key boards (primarily on a concert Grand piano but also on a Hammond B3 organ).  His wife Donna joined as a vocalist that same year.  Both of the Gordchaux’s left the band in Febuary, 1979.   Brent Mydland joined the band as a key board player and vocalist in April 1979).  Micky Hart (whose father controversially manager the band for a while) left the band under a cloud in 1971 but later rejoined in 1974.  This decade began with  signature songs such as Truckin’, Me & My Uncle and Jack Straw.  The Grateful Dead Movie (1972) solidified the band’s image in the public mind.  Later in the decade the band sound changed considerably.  The massive Scarlet Begonias –> Fire On The Mountain –> Estimated Prophet was perfected on stage and redefined the band.  The colorful marital discord and unhealthy lifestyle choices of the Godchaux (and Jerry and Bob’s search for a different (more electric and funk oriented) keyboard sound lead to the Godchaux leaving the band and Brent Mydland  joining the band in 1979.

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Additional details of the Internet Archive Collection and how these lists were generated can be found here.

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A list of all soundboard tapes of Scarlet Begonia -> Fire On The Mountain performances on the Internet Archive can be found here.

1975-02-28 – Bob Weir’s Studio Listen

1975-03-00 – Studio Listen

1975-03-17 – Ace’s (SNACK Rehearsal) Listen

1975-03-21 – Ace’s studio Listen

1975-03-23 – Kezar Stadium Listen

1975-03-26 – Ace’s Studio Listen

1975-04-02 – Ace’s Studio Listen

1975-04-17 – Ace’s Studio Listen

1975-06-05 – Club Front Listen

1975-06-07 – Bob Weir’s Studio Listen

1975-06-17 – Winterland Arena Listen

1975-07-07 – Ace’s Studio Listen

1975-08-13 – Great American Music Hall Listen

1975-09-28 – Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park Listen

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