Dawn Of The Dead: The Grateful Dead At the Avalon Ballroom 1969-04-04   1 comment

1969:  The Year Of the Pig

This is the first of a three night run at the Avalon.  All three nights are available on the Internet Archive but this is the best recorded and best played night of the three.  A lot of Dead Heads love this show, but the first two songs are not the best versions the band has done of these two songs.  Things get down to business with the third track.  Lovelight and Dark Star –> St. Stephen –> The Eleven form the core of the set and the image of the band visa 1969.img420

The Internet Archive tape poster notes:

This show was broadcast live on KPFA-FM Berkeley.
The FM broadcast, from which the circulating tape derives, cuts in during Good Morning Schoolgirls.

There seems to be some confusion about the location of LoveLight in this set. Some place it as here as the Opener of the second set, while other sources list it as the closer of that set. Seem like the position listed here is correct.  Pigpen will leave the band for health reasons in August, 1971. He was 23 years old when the Avalon set was played.

A bit of history is in order here.  The ‘Summer of Love’ was long over.  The Woodstock event is five months in the future when this concert was played.   The Manson Family LSD murders took place in August, 1969.

Avalon Ballroom: 1969-04-04

  • 01 10:47 Good Morning Little School Girl ListenAvalon_Ballroom_in_San_Francisco_March_2011
  • 02 06:34 Doin’ That Rag Listen
  • 03 02:05 Cryptical Envelopement-> Listen
  • 04 00:17 Drums-> Listen
  • 05 08:54 The Other One-> Listen
  • 06 08:57 Cryptical Envelopement-> Listen
  • 07 07:56 Death Don’t Have No Mercy Listen
  • 08 22:56 Lovelight Listen
  • 09 20:21 Dark Star-> Listen
  • 10 05:08 Saint Stephen-> Listen
  • 11 11:31 The Eleven-> Listen
  • 12 03:08 Feedback Listen

The Grateful Dead Lived On The 600 Block of Haight Street In San Francisco

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