The Grateful Dead On The Internet Archive: Some Sessions You May Never Hear   Leave a comment

Here are some cuts from the Internet Archive Grateful Dead Collection which you might miss because the dates are non-sense and there for  hard to search for.  I have included selected reviewer comments from the original postings.


1966-00-00 – Various – See info file Listen

Reviewer’s Comment:  Possibly 2/12/66 Longshoreman’s Hall 1st Nigh Longshoreman’s Hall 3rd Night Pauley Ballroom #2 (no date). I can’t believe I am hearing this for the first time today. It is incredible. The quality for the time period is just unreal. Talk about hearing these guys in the raw, primal form. This is it.

1967-00-00 – Studio Sessions for Anthem of the Sun Listen

Reviewer’s Comment:  The Taping Compendium Volume One lists the tape as “11/19/67, Unknown Studio
Location Rehearsal”. Deadlists calls it “11/1?/67, Rehearsal Studio Session”.
The Deaddisc discography page lists the following Anthem studio sessions:
– Sept 1967, RCA Studio A, Hollywood;
– Oct 1967, American Studios, North Hollywood;
– Dec 1967, Century Sound, New York; Olmstead Studios, New York.
To add to the confusion, db.etree lists the following studio tape dates:
“10-20-67, American Studios”, “11-19-67 Unknown location”, and “12-02-67,
“. Obviously, this material fits somewhere within this time period.

1968-00-00 – unknown venue Listen

Reviewer’s Comment: This is definitely sweet music to my ears, Pig slowing the show done at will, working the crowd, and leading the band through the song.  Pig’s groove didn’t always work, sometimes it failed miserably, but when it did work, Pig was that little bit extra that put this band on another level they were never able to reach again after his retirement/death.

1968-05-00 – Unknown Listen

Reviewer’s Comments:   Where or whenever this was, it’s a perfect little slice of mid-’68 Dead. Pigpen’s organ really stands out here given the sound an added dimension not always heard. Stunning New Potato and an adrenaline-rush of a Caution.
Lemieux explained that this music came off a vault reel marked “early-1968 Carousel” and it certainly is not a studio session. Seeing as the first St. Stephen was performed sometime in May ’68, it makes sense that this could be from the May 30 – June 1 stand.
Still, it sounds fantastic and you have to dig Pig’s ska organ. (97 pts)

1970-00-00 – Studio Listen

Reviewer’s Comments: this is great. have only heard the first few so far but seems to be jerry playing around on an acoustic working on the arrangements for the tunes to be on workingmans. the sound is great for what it is, feels like he’s sitting on a stool right there next to my desk.

1970-07-00 – Festival Express Train Listen

Reviewer’s Comments: As far as who is actually present playing, it’s hard to tell. Delaney and Bonnie are audible singing in the background of GDTRFB. Delaney is singing the lead vocal on track 2, a blues that I’m sure someone out there must know the name of. Jerry comes in playing a standard electric guitar at the end of Jam 4 and plays a brief little solo at 14:16. Delaney is probably playing the guitar throughout as well. Leslie West is audible playing on Sugar Mag/Cotton Jam.

1970-12-00 – Radio Apology Ad Listen

Reviewer’s Comment: Mickey and Jerry make a public apology for having to cancel the December 18, 1970 show that was to take place in Port Chester.  This however is no ordinary “I’m sorry” statement 🙂

1973-00-00 – Wake Of The Flood Sessions Listen

Reviewer’s Comments: Wake of the Flood Sessions – Garcia’s Rough Mixes

1975-03-00 – Studio Listen

Reviewer’s Comments:  This is from a “liberated” Italian bootleg CD.  From the Taping Compendium,  I would guess these are culled from various studio sessions for the Blues For Allah LP and that they are from the March, 1975 time period. All tracks are of outstanding sonic quality (except for Music which suffers from a horrible cut at the end).

1979-00-00 – Go to Heaven Sessions – Betty Cantor’s Rough Mixes Listen

Reviewer’s Comment:   This track is really good. Better than the released version, in my opinion.  Who said the Dead could not be a studio band? Lost Sailor is quite good. Part of the KPFA Marathon broadcast on 2/22/2003

1981-00-00 – Unknown Listen

Reviewer’s Comments:  Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Interview with Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia
Part 1 Discussion of the Grateful Dead’s Acoustic Music.  Part 2 Discussion of the Grateful Dead’s Electric Music.  Cool to hear that 15 year prospective on how Bob and Jerr feel about their music and all that comes with.

1985-02-00 – Twilight Zone Sessions Listen

Reviewer’s Comments:  I watched the Twilight Zone looking for the music credits and never found them, so even tho I knew the GD recorded music for the newer 80’s version of the teevee show I don’t know if I ever actually heard the music.

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