QCon 2012 San Francisco First Pictures   2 comments


The view from my room last night.


Oakland Bridge at dawn.


Warf & Oakland Bridge.


Rocket monument on the Embarcadero.


Hyatt Regency fancy lights.


More Hyatt Regency Madness.


Cristophe Coenraets warms up.


The Haight circa 2012 CE

Technical Details:
Nikon D50

I used Picasa on my laptop to import the JPEG files to my hard drive.

Picasa automatically sync the photo to my Goggle+ account ‘in the cloud’.

I transfered the photos to be edited to my Nexus 7 via the Picasa Tools applet.

Edited these photos using the Adobe Photoshop Explorer applet.

This  was composed on the WordPress applet.

I followed this painful path since I wanted to exercise three applets so I could take the Nexus 7 out for a spin around the Google ecosystem.  Life would have been simple if the Nexus 7 could read the SD in my camera via the USB mount on the Camera.  But alas this will not work with the Nexus 7.  There are rumors that if I have an SD reader I can read the SD card directly via USB.

Day Two Pictures are here.

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