Cloud Atlas – Apocalypse Then and Now   Leave a comment

A version Of the Script is available here.


For those of you like me here is a graphical guide to actors and roles in this marvelous film.

This one is from Cinema Blend:

Cloud Atlas reminded me of another tale of the 1970’s (Perhaps an alternative history):

On the evening of November 13, 1974 Karen Silkwood, a 28‑year‑old laboratory assistant, left a union meeting near her work in an Oklahoma plutonium plant to make a 30‑mile drive to Oklahoma City. She was a skilled driver, travelling alone on an important mission ‑ to deliver to an official from her union’s national headquarters documented evidence of radiation leaks and other hazardous ‑ practices in her workplace: a plutonium recycling plant operated by the Kerr‑McGee Corporation. She had gathered the evidence secretly, but in an amateurish way which aroused the suspicion of her employers, and she was last seen minutes before she started on her journey, carrying a manila folder.

Karen never reached her destination. Unaccountably, her car veered off the lonely road and plunged into a deep culvert. She was killed instantly and the manila folder was never found. Police ruled her death accidental, but experts from her union who examined her battered car alleged that some of its damage was consistent with it having been rammed from behind by a heavier vehicle. A post‑mortem showed that Karen had low levels of alcohol and a tranquilising drug in her body, suggesting another possible cause of death.

Was she murdered or did she fall asleep at the wheel? And what happened to the documents which she was expected to hand over to the two men who were waiting for her in an Oklahoma City hotel ‑ the union official and a New York Times reporter? Did someone remove the folder from the car after the accident? Or did she make a last‑minute decision not to take it with her? And, if so, why hasn’t it shown up somewhere else?

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