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We ARE excited to be in San Francisco for SPTechCon.  If nothing else road trips give us an opportunity to play with some of our devices.  The last time I was in San Francisco I was using a a Nexus 7  and Adobe Photoshop Explorer to post process photos.  The results can be found here and here.  Six months later finds me back in San Francisco still using the Nexus 7 as a platform but using Adobe’s PS Touch and the Snapspeed App for post processing.  My process to gets photos from The Nikon 7 to the Nexus has been simplified but is still unacceptable.

Getting The photos to the Nexus

Moving photos from the Nikon D50 to the Nexus’s file system is a pain. I could simplify this process by

  • buying a new camera and using the Raw Vision App and a cable; or
  • Using a Bluetooth enabled SD card; or
  • Upgrading me Nexus to something with a front facing camera.

I love my Nikon and am too cheap for the cost of the Bluetooth SD card so I went the hardware root. Here is the setup:

Nexus Media Installer App (~$3)

Nexus compatible To Go cable (~$3)

A USB SD card reader (~$2)

Step One: The Physical World

SD to card reader to To Go Cable to Nexus port  


Our Topology: Cheapness Electronics, Cambridge Mass

Step Two: Copy the files from the card to your system

When the card is inserted into  “the cable system” Nexus Media Installer App will start and attempt to read the SD card directory.  I needed to be sure not to be running my file manager (File Manager HD App – free) at the same time.  You can preview all photos on the card.  No photo objects on the cards are available as documents. Select the objects you want to copy  and hit the save icon.  This will start a background job, one for each object, to transfer the photos to your file system into a  “pictures” folder.  Multiplexed and asynchronous request fulfillment . oh my. Nice software.  This folder is visible to Gallery, PS Touch and Snapspeed.  Other Apps my not make this folder accessible.  But you can always move files around with a File Manager like File Manager HD.

Post Processing the Photos

All of the software I have seen on the Nexus allow only jpeg processing.  Even Adobe PS Touch supports only JPEG. There is no RAW file type support available on the Nexus platform.  I looked at post processing apps from three board groups:

Editors with Theme filters only

Editors with adjustable photo enhancement filters; and 

Editors with spot adjustment filters and other features.

In my last blog post on this topic I was using Photoshop Express, a nice free editor with adjustable photo enhancement.  I liked the results but the app can only process files in the camera’s DCIM folder (which requires us to do file copies of imported photos twice!)

San Francisco Bay – Photoshop Express

Feeling plush I spend $2.99 and bought the next step Photoshop App: PS Touch this provides a rich set of editing tools, layers (if you use Photoshop on a laptop you know what that means), a nice history stack and more.  The results are fine but, the interface is difficult to work with but some of that may be that its UI is exposed using primarily  Surface Touch  \ Windows 8 conventions. This will flow much better on a ten inch, preferably a windows, device. (I am working on a 7 inched Nexus not a 10 inch anything).  It’s not a lot of fun to use and it may be overkill unless you do photo post processing and you have no lap top or desk top version of Photoshop to use.  But if your Surface or 10 inch iPad are your primary device this is a good choice.  Not a fun or quick or easy, choice.

SPTechCon Speaker Andrew Connel – PS Touch

A nice free alternative to Photoshop Express is the very simple but effective Snapspeed.  This is a lot of fun to use and combines theme filters and photo adjustment filters.  I did a bunch of post processing with this app and was very happy with the results. Try it.

Art Gallery – Snapspeed

A Nexus Gallery (PS Touch and Snapspeed Post Processing On the Nexus 7)

(This last one has been processed using Photoshop C5 on a laptop)

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  1. Another idea is picking up an eyefi card for your camera. Photos get transferred to your N7 over wifi automatically. Not a cheap a solution but it does ease the step of getting the photos on the N7.

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