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The North Carolina Carter-Finley Stadium.  I mean really, does this look like a great venue for the Grateful Dead.  Does 1990 seem like a great year?

Is this a happen’ band?


Grateful Dead Live at Carter-Finley Stadium on 1990-07-10 (July 10, 1990)

I mean really.  Listen to this version of Bird Song  if you don’t believe me. Bruce Hornsby played the opening set and joins the band on several numbers.  Jack Straw opens a little rough but starting with Loser it is pretty much gold all the way.  Some are not big fans of Brent but I love him and he is great tonight and works well with Bruce.  Jerry is hot and healthy.  This is a nice sound board recording (by Charlie Miller) with a clear guitars and bass through out.  When they are on, this was the band to hear.  And on this date they were on.  But don’t take my word for it start listening. Click a track to play (right click to take it home with you).

Set List:

01 Tuning 00:49
02 Jack Straw 06:55
03 Loser 09:17
04 We Can Run 07:21
05 Me And My Uncle — 03:06
06 Big River 07:03
07 Friend Of The Devil 07:00
08 When I Paint My Masterpiece 06:23
09 Bird Song — 11:02
10 Promised Land 08:29
11 Tuning 00:41
12 Iko Iko 09:37
13 Playing In The Band — 08:39
14 Uncle John’s Band — 09:06
15 Playing Jam — 09:23
16 Drums — 07:24
17 Space — 12:52
18 The Other One — 08:02
19 Stella Blue — 08:22
20 Not Fade Away 11:38
21 Brokedown Palace 05:42

More 1990 Dead concerts can be heard on the Internet Archive here.

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