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“Paint It Black, You Devil”

Angst fan on the Rolling Stones Get Your Ya Yas Out Album


It’s My Own Invention or The Name Of This Song Is Called

You are sad,” the Knight said in an anxious tone: “let me sing you a song to comfort you.”

“Is it very long?” Alice asked, for she had heard a good deal of poetry that day.

“It’s long,” said the Knight, “but it’s very, very beautiful. Everybody that hears me sing it——either it brings the tears into their eyes, or else——”

“Or else what?” said Alice, for the Knight had made a sudden pause.

“Or else it doesn’t, you know. The name of the song is called ‘Haddocks Eyes.'”

“Oh, that’s the name of the song, is it?” Alice said, trying to feel interested.

“No, you don’t understand,” the Knight said, looking a little vexed. “That’s what the name is called. The name really isThe Aged Aged Man.'”

“Then I ought to have said ‘That’s what the song is called’?” Alice corrected herself.

“No, you oughtn’t: that’s quite another thing! The song is called ‘Ways And Means‘: but that’s only what it’s called, you know!”

“Well, what is the song, then? ” said Alice, who was by this time completely bewildered.

“I was coming to that,” the Knight said. “The song really isA-sitting On A Gate‘: and the tune’s my own invention.”

14 - 1

Rutherford Chang buys White Albums, just White Albums.  He currently has almost 1,000 first editions of

the Beatle’s classic “The Beatles” (The record is not actually titled The White Album).  At the  top of this

blog is a photograph of my wife’s first edition copy.  Unlike most limited edition art works the owners of

The White Album “prints” often adorned there copies with there own expressions (artistic or otherwise). 

Mary Jo felt free to put her dorm name and room number on hers so if it was lost someone could have

returned it to her!









                                                                                                                                                                 The cover was designed by Richard Hamilton, and the Beatles recorded the album in 1968.  So tense were

the recording sessions that at various times George Martin (producer), Geoff Emerick and Ringo all “quit” 

for at least some length of time.  Love it or hate it this revolutionary set of tracks is almost fifty years old. I

have purchased it four times (as media has changed).



Chang Rutherford made digital recording of 100 vinyl copies of the first side of the White Album and

mixed them down to a single track. Listen to it here. I think it’s great.  I took the last three minutes of

Chang’s track (Happiness Is a Warm Gun” X 100) created a mash-up with some other Beatles sounds

which you can view / listen to here:

White Album Side One X 100 : The Last Three Minutes

The Cloud2013 All Digital Sound and Media Studio Used To Create: The Last Three Minutes and this blog post:DSC_0001


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