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Grateful Dead – The 1972 Tapes On The Internet Archive   29 comments

The Grateful Dead Concert Tapes On The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s Grateful Dead is a great collection of concert tapes. There are over 2,000 unique concerts. There are multiple recordings of most concerts. This series attempts to provide a simple interface to this collection by selecting one recording for each concert on a given date. Preference is given to tapes processed by the great Charlie Miller and sound board tapes. Not all shows are well recorded but the there are great moments here. Dig in and enjoy! You didn’t have to be there. Good Luck.

  • Grateful Dead Members During the  1970’s
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Bob Weir
  • Phil Lesh
  • Bill Kreutzmann
  • Ron “Pigpen” McKernan  (Left in June, 1972)
  • Mickey Hart  (Left in Febuary, 1971  and rejoins in October 1974 for the duration)
  • Keith Godchaux  (Joins In October, 1972 and left in Febuary, 1979)
  • Donna Godchaux – (Joins In March 1972 and left in Febuary, 1979)
  • Brent Mydland (Joins in April 1979 and left in July 1990)

The Grateful Dead In The 1970 – From The Hippie Cowboys of 1970 to the Jazz Age

While the core Grateful Dead members (Garcia, Weir, Lesh & Kreutzmann) remain members through out the 1970’s there were several changes in the band line up during this time.  PigPen left the band in ill health in 1972. Keith Godchaux joined that same year on key boards (primarily on a concert Grand piano but also on a Hammond B3 organ).  His wife Donna joined as a vocalist that same year.  Both of the Gordchaux’s left the band in Febuary, 1979.   Brent Mydland joined the band as a key board player and vocalist in April 1979).  Micky Hart (whose father controversially manager the band for a while) left the band under a cloud in 1971 but later rejoined in 1974.  This decade began with  signature songs such as Truckin’, Me & My Uncle and Jack Straw.  The Grateful Dead Movie (1972) solidified the band’s image in the public mind.  Later in the decade the band sound changed considerably.  The massive Scarlet Begonias –> Fire On The Mountain –> Estimated Prophet was perfected on stage and redefined the band.  The colorful marital discord and unhealthy lifestyle choices of the Godchaux (and Jerry and Bob’s search for a different (more electric and funk oriented) keyboard sound lead to the Godchaux leaving the band and Brent Mydland  joining the band in 1979.

In This Series:

____ 1970 1980 1990
____ 1971 1981 1991
____ 1972 1982 1992
____ 1973 1983 1993
____ 1974 1984 1994
____ 1975 1985 1995
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1967 1977 1987 ____
1968 1978 1988 ____
1969 1979 1989 ____

Additional details of the Internet Archive Collection and how these lists were generated can be found here.

My blogs on individual Grateful Dead show can be found here.

A list of all soundboard tapes of Dark Star performances on the Internet Archive can be found here.

A list of all soundboard tapes of Scarlet Begonia -> Fire On The Mountain performances on the Internet Archive can be found here.

1972-01-02 – Winterland Arena Listen

1972-03-05 – Winterland Arena Listen

1972-03-21 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-03-22 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-03-23 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-03-25 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-03-26 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-03-27 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-03-28 – Academy of Music Listen

1972-04-07 – Wembley Empire Pool Listen

1972-04-08 – Wembley Empire Pool Listen

1972-04-11 – Newcastle City Hall Listen

1972-04-14 – Tivolis Koncertsal Listen

1972-04-16 – Aarhus University Listen

1972-04-17 – Tivoli Gardens Listen

1972-04-21 – Beat Club Listen

1972-04-24 – Rheinhalle Listen

1972-04-26 – Jahrhunderthalle Listen

1972-04-29 – Musikhalle Listen

1972-05-03 – L’Olympia Listen

1972-05-04 – L’Olympia Listen

1972-05-07 – Bickershaw Festival Listen

1972-05-10 – Concertgebouw Listen

1972-05-11 – Rotterdam Civic Hall Listen

1972-05-13 – Lille Fairgrounds Listen

1972-05-16 – Theatre Hall Listen

1972-05-18 – Kongressaal – Deutsches Museum Listen

1972-05-23 – Strand Lyceum Listen

1972-05-24 – Strand Lyceum Listen

1972-05-25 – Strand Lyceum Listen

1972-05-26 – Strand Lyceum Listen

1972-06-17 – Hollywood Bowl Listen

1972-07-16 – Dillon Stadium Listen

1972-07-18 – Roosevelt Stadium Listen

1972-07-21 – Paramount Northwest Theater Listen

1972-07-22 – Paramount Northwest Theatre Listen

1972-07-25 – Paramount Theater Listen

1972-07-26 – Paramount Theater Listen

1972-08-12 – Sacramento Memorial Auditorium Listen

1972-08-20 – San Jose Civic Auditorium Listen

1972-08-21 – Berkeley Community Theater Listen

1972-08-22 – Berkeley Community Theatre Listen

1972-08-24 – Berkeley Community Theatre Listen

1972-08-25 – Berkeley Community Theatre Listen

1972-08-27 – Old Renaissance Faire Grounds Listen

1972-09-03 – Folsom Field, U of Colorado Listen

1972-09-09 – Hollywood Palladium Listen

1972-09-10 – Hollywood Palladium Listen

1972-09-15 – Boston Music Hall Listen

1972-09-16 – Boston Music Hall Listen

1972-09-17 – Baltimore Civic Center Listen

1972-09-19 – Roosevelt Stadium Listen

1972-09-21 – The Spectrum Listen

1972-09-23 – Palace Theater Listen

1972-09-24 – Palace Theatre Listen

1972-09-26 – Stanley Theatre Listen

1972-09-27 – Stanley Theatre Listen

1972-09-28 – Stanley Theatre Listen

1972-09-30 – American University Listen

1972-10-02 – Springfield Civic Center Listen

1972-10-09 – Winterland Arena Listen

1972-10-17 – Fox Theatre Listen

1972-10-18 – Fox Theater Listen

1972-10-19 – Fox Theatre Listen

1972-10-21 – Vanderbilt University Listen

1972-10-23 – Performing Arts Center Listen

1972-10-24 – Milwaukee Performing Arts Center Listen

1972-10-26 – Music Hall Listen

1972-10-27 – Veterans’ Memorial Hall Listen

1972-10-28 – Cleveland Public Hall Listen

1972-10-30 – Ford Auditorium Listen

1972-11-12 – Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Hall Listen

1972-11-13 – Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall Listen

1972-11-14 – Oklahoma City Music Hall Listen

1972-11-15 – Civic Center Music Hall Listen

1972-11-17 – Century II Convention Hall Listen

1972-11-18 – Hofheinz Pavilion – University of Houston Listen

1972-11-19 – Hofheinz Pavilion – University of Houston Listen

1972-11-22 – Austin Municipal Auditorium Listen

1972-11-24 – Dallas Memorial Auditorium Listen

1972-11-26 – San Antonio Civic Auditorium Listen

1972-12-10 – Winterland Arena Listen

1972-12-11 – Winterland Arena Listen

1972-12-12 – Winterland Arena Listen

1972-12-15 – Long Beach Arena Listen

1972-12-31 – Winterland Arena Listen

Grateful Dead – Winterland 1977-12-27   Leave a comment

I haven’t written about the Grateful Dead for a while now.  Many of the XMas shows of the Dead are not of the best quality.  This is a combination of unavailability of quality soundboard tapes and (often) less than inspired playing on the bands part.  This 1977 show is an exception.  Listen to the whole show on the Internet Archive here.  This tape is re-mastered by “Bertha” from a master reel source by Jay Ashley.  Excellent sound processing of a great show.  The first set ends with a strong “The Music Never Stopped” but the second set is on fire (so to speak).  I personally think this is a better show that Dick’s Pick 10 (1977-12-29) – and its free.

Not to be missed.

   Set 1

Bertha ->

Good Lovin

Brown Eyed Women



Looks Like Rain

Dire Wolf



El Paso

Friend Of The Devil

The Music Never Stopped

Set 2

Cold Rain And Snow

Lazy Lightnin’ ->


Scarlet Begonias ->

Fire On The Mountain ->

Estimated Prophet ->

He’s Gone

Truckin‘ ->

Wharf Rat ->

Around And Around

The Grateful Dead At The Old Renaissance Faire Grounds – 1972-08-27   Leave a comment

Although there are a lot of strong 1972 recordings available of the Grateful Dead, this one is interesting for its expansive set list (three sets), a strong Dark Star, great Ken Kesey stage announcements, and some cool videos.

Grateful Breed discribes the concert this way:

A benefit for Ken Kesey’s brother’s Creamery that became one of the mythic best performances of their entire career. It was a hot day in Oregon, over 100 degrees farenheit.

First Set

  •  05:55 Stage Announcements, Intros, Gift Presentations
  •  03:31 The Promised Land
  •  09:15 Sugaree
  •  03:26 Me & My Uncle
  •  05:59 Deal
  •  06:29 Black-Throated Wind
  •  02:54 Stage Announcements
  •  06:50 China Cat Sunflower ->
  •  07:11 I Know You Rider
  •  02:25 Stage Announcements
  •  04:02 Mexicali Blues
  •  05:52 Bertha

Second Set

  •  05:46 Playin in the Band >
  •  12:58 Playin Jam ->
  •  03:04 Playing In The Band Reprise
  •  02:12 Stage Announcements
  •  09:07 He’s Gone
  •  02:51 Stage Announcements
  •  06:03 Jack Straw
  •  12:32 Bird Song
  •  01:04 Stage Announcements
  •  05:30 Greatest Story Ever Told

Third Set

  •  13:06 Dark Star ->
  •  18:30 \’Jazz Star\’ Jam ->
  •  05:15 El Paso ->
  •  11:23 Sing Me Back Home
  •  00:47 Stage Announcements
  •  08:44 Sugar Magnolia
  •  02:57 Stage Announcements
  •  07:00 Casey Jones
  •  05:28 One More Saturday Night
  •  02:02 Stage Announcements

The Internet Archive has the whole concert recording here.

If you ever wondered what Jerry is doing during those long Dark Star Variations watch this video except  (and where did he get all those black t-shirts?):
Want More Visuals? =>

Here is the concert (and more) on Video:

(This film escaped rather than released and seems to be produced(?) by Ken myself.  The opening sequences of this film are not from this 1972 concert.  Rather the visuals are from the the magic bus trips with Kesey, Cassidy and the Merry Pranksters.  The audio for these visuals from several 1966 Acid trips. After about five minutes of madness the film then turns to the madness of the 1972 concert.
Recommended Viewing.
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Playing In The Band: The Grateful Dead 1974-07-19   1 comment

The Great Wall Of 1974 did not always produce great recordings.   July 17, 1974 was a great show, with a great recording with clear separation and strong bass.  A great job of a soundboard recording produced by the amazing Charlie Miller.  bose_3 (1)The 29 minute version of Playing In The Band is a high point of the night and is probably the best of the summerSelland Arena in Fresno is not a very nice place.  You can hear the whole concert here on the Internet Archive.selland_arena Here is the track list:

    01    10:45    Jam
02    07:14    Bertha
03    03:51    Mexicali Blues

04    04:44    Deal
05    04:51    Beat It On Down The Line

06    08:09    Row Jimmy
07    06:17    Me And Bobby McGee

08    08:50    Scarlet Begonias
09    04:44    El Paso
10    08:24    Tennessee Jed
11    29:24    Playing In The Band    (Listen To it Now) 50688268_ab08d3c1da_o

12    13:00    Seastones

13    05:23    Brown Eyed Women
14    03:04    Me And My Uncle
15    05:57    It Must Have Been The Roses
16    05:29    Jack Straw
17    15:04    He’s Gone ->
18    05:40    U.S. Blues
19    06:15    Weather Report Suite ->
20    15:16    Let It Grow ->
21    05:56    Spanish Jam ->
22    16:32    Eyes Of The World ->
23    06:29    China Doll
24    04:57    One More Saturday Night



Grateful Dead 1977-05-25 (and a little 1977-05-08)   Leave a comment

I only saw the Grateful Dead once.  I was a student (barely) at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and it was November 1971.  The Dead played with The New Riders and Jerry joined them during the second half of their set.  A had gone to the concert with a couple of true Dead Heads from my dorm.  How Dead were they? While they had been following the dead tour since school had started in the fall and this was the first time we saw them in Albuquerque this semester.  During the first par to the NRPR set there was ol’ Jerry wandering around the back of the auditorium.


Many Dead Heads swear by Dick’s Pick #18 as a definitive sample of the Grateful Dead in the late 1970’s.  This was recorded in America’s  heartland, Iowa on  1978-02-03 and 1978-02-05.  For capturing not only the Godchaux’s (Donna and Keith). Canonical version of  Scarlet Begonias and Fire On The Mountain.  Donna not in the best of voice that night.  Besides the internet archive makes the  music from this era available for free  (but not 1978-02-03 and 1978-02-05).  I have documented elsewhere how to get to the Grateful Dead recordings on the Internet Archive and how to make copies of even the streaming versions of the Dead shows on the Internet archive (Steal This Show!). The (free) music available at this site is more varied than the releases in the Dick’s Picks Series and (in my opinion) is often mixed with a more exciting and live style.  Some of the official archive show releases from the Dead organization seem to have the life sucked out of them in the re-mixing process.  As good as the February, 1978 shows are I suggest that you take a listen at some of the May, 1977.  The Dead has a great run of shows that month.

St. Paul Civic Center Arena on 1977-05-11 (Charlie Miller Sound Board Recording)

Mosque on 1977—5-25 (Charlie Miller Sound Board Recording)

Barton Hall on 1977-05-08 (Matrix Recording)

My IPod Playlist of 05/1977 is set up like this:


There are many Blogs for the seriously involved Dead Head:

Dead Blog; and this one, and this one.

Dark Star – A 1970 Performance   19 comments

What a difference two months can make.  The ever chameleonic Grateful Dead were mellow hippie cowboys at the (West Coast) Euphoria Ballroom Concert on 1970-09-04; but on 1970-09-19 they were back at the Filmore East with an excellant Psychedelic set which includes a remarkable Dark Star.  You can listen to it here on the Internet Archive.

Dark Star

The third set that night included:

Dark Star ->
St. Stephen ->
Not Fade Away ->
Darkness Jam ->
China Cat Jam ->
Not Fade Away ->
Turn On Your Lovelight


This is a true dark star, long and forbidding with primal tentacles reaching deep into the synergistic reality sphere, where all truths fit together.   (See chronosynclastic infundibulum for details),  Jerry does not so much play Dark Star here as join Dark Star, which is already in progress, and is probably playing out there someplace to this day. Jerry just borrowed it from time to time.

The unfortunate Youngbloods had to follow this monumental set.  There opening number of there popular “Get Together” is completely drowned out by crys of “MORE DEAD”, “MORE DEAD”.  Eventually Phil and Pig Pen are sent out to ask the crowd to allow the Youngblood to continue playing.  When this request was drowned out by more crys of “MORE DEAD”, “MORE DEAD”.  Pig Pen addressed the crowd thusly:

“Why don’t you guys go home and fuck somebody?”

The true hippie political program in a nutshell.

RIP, Jerry

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More Dead – A Good Concert from 1970   Leave a comment

Tip’ o the hat to the Internet Archive for providing us with an endless supply of Grateful Dead recordings to stream and download.  See my notes here on downloading streaming content from the Internet Archive.  I stumbled across this nice 1970 concert.  A very mellow show from the Euphoria Ballroom on 1970-07-14.  This is a sound board recording.  Set One is acoustic and Set Two is ‘electric’ but is slow and soft.  Very Nice.  Reviews and comments of the 07/16 concert at the same venue can be found here.

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