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Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) Two Concerts from 1995   Leave a comment

David Crosby: Cause I’m Missing Jerry Tonight (2012)

Cause I’m missing him tonight

If I had to pick one of us to speak for us all
He would have done the job well
Coming from some crazy angle
He’d have known which story to tell
he’d tell the truth about real music
he knew the truth long before he fell

His fingers would touch his guitar neck
My axe would be pressed to my chest
A chord and a melody would walk in the door
Closely followed by all of the rest
Magic and tragic and triumph and storm
and all the things we had sought on our quest

You get your ego out of the way of your hearts
The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts

A sort of field pops into existence
Everything lifts off the ground
You know that you’re doing what you were born to do
That you’re using the gift that you’ve found
To create some lift and break all the chains
with which all our people are bound

he did it for all the right reasons
and made all of our mistakes
a more human man you could not find
an accelerator without the brakes
but he had the brains and the heart and the spirit
Garcia really had what it takes

The Internet Archive has a gigantic collection of Grateful Dead.  You can find out more about these tapes here and here.

Here are two representative concerts from the last tour.  While Jerry can clearly see the end of his struggles there are some songs (if not full concerts) during the last few months. The I Want to Tell You / Estimated Prophet run on 1995-05-24 is sweet, Jerry even asks for requests at the end of (a very nice)Terrapin Station, “…and we we play the one which freaks us out the most.” This is probably the best Estimated Prophet in the 1995 season. Please note the 1995-05-24 track list (from several sources differs from the tracks on the concert recording presented here (see this link for an alternative track listing).  The 1995-05-21 concert is longer and the band is very together and the sound board recording is processed by the master of the tapes: Charlie Miller. There are several high points in this show of which one reviewer  wrote:

I knew if I look long enough in the ’95 section if the archive I’d finally find a show that wasn’t either a moribund death march, a Jerry free zone, a sloppy mess or a combination of all three. (In this concert)…everybody is present. I can listen to it without the caveat “it’s really good for ’95”

Among the high lights are West L.A. Fadaway, Eyes Of the World and a beautiful run from Spanish Jam –> The Other One –> Days Between –> Sugar Manolia and then the closer: Liberty.  All in all a nice way to go.

It was a great, Jerry and thank you. I will miss you.

1995-05-24 – Memorial Stadium Listen

Memorial Stadium: 1995-05-24

  • 01 09:12 Iko Iko Listen
  • 02 07:43 St. Of Circumstance Listen
  • 03 06:27 Way To Go Home Listen
  • 04 05:01 I Want To Tell You Listen
  • 05 15:45 Estimated ProphetListen
  • 06 10:39 Truckin’Listen
  • 07 19:38 Terrapin Station Listen
  • Concert Length: 01:05:25

1995-05-21 – The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V. Listen

The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V.: 1995-05-21

  • 01 07:52 Jack Straw Listen
  • 02 09:46 West L.A. Fadeaway Listen
  • 03 08:26 Little Red Rooster Listen
  • 04 09:01 Ramble On Rose Listen
  • 05 06:57 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Listen
  • 06 10:06 So Many Roads -> Listen
  • 07 04:41 Promised Land Listen
  • 08 10:57 Samson And Delilah Listen
  • 09 06:30 Unbroken Chain Listen
  • 10 12:42 Eyes Of The World -> Listen
  • 11 13:46 Corrina -> Listen
  • 12 14:26 Drums -> Listen
  • 13 10:04 Space -> Listen
  • 14 03:38 Spanish Jam -> Listen
  • 15 07:31 The Other One -> Listen
  • 16 11:19 Days Between -> Listen
  • 17 09:47 Sugar Magnolia Listen
  • 18 05:48 Liberty Listen
  • Concert Length: 02:08:17

The Grateful Dead – The 1995 Tapes On The Internet Archive   30 comments

The Grateful Dead Concert Tapes On The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s Grateful Dead is a great collection of concert tapes. There are over 2,000 unique concerts. There are multiple recordings of most concerts. This series attempts to provide a simple interface to this collection by selecting one recording for each concert on a given date. Preference is given to tapes processed by the great Charlie Miller and sound board tapes. Not all shows are well recorded but the there are great moments here. Dig in and enjoy! You didn’t have to be there. Good Luck.

The Grateful Dead Valentines of Flesh and Blood (1990 –1995)

After a very successful spring/summer 1990 tour Brent Mydland, the Dead’s long time keyboard player Brent Mydland died of a drug overdose.  His last show with The Grateful Dead was on 23 July 1990. Vince Welnick (formerly of  The Tubes) joined on key boards.  From time to time between September 1990 and March 1992, Bruce Hornsby also played with the band on his grand piano.  There are some great shows after July 1990, especially when Bruce was present.  Jerry’s continued health problems (and drug addiction) crippled his singing and sometimes the Drums –> Space portion of the concerts could last for up to an hour.  Jerry did deliver some of his finest (blues oriented) solos during this period (listen to such songs as Days Betweenand Standing On the Moon).  Robert Greenfields excellent Dark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia  provides important contributions to understanding what was happening to Jerry (and the band) during these ‘final days’.  Jerry Garcia died August 9, 1995. RIP

In This Series:

1960 1970 1980 1990
____ 1971 1981 1991
____ 1972 1982 1992
____ 1973 1983 1993
____ 1974 1984 1994
____ 1975 1985 1995
1966 1976 1986 ____
1967 1977 1987 ____
1968 1978 1988 ____
1969 1979 1989 ____

Additional details of the Internet Archive Collection and how these lists were generated can be found here.

My blogs on individual Grateful Dead show can be found here.

A list of all soundboard tapes of Dark Star performances on the Internet Archive can be found here.

A list of all soundboard tapes of Scarlet Begonia -> Fire On The Mountain performances on the Internet Archive can be found here.

The 1995 Grateful Dead Tapes On The Internet Archive

1995-01-01 – Various Listen

1995-02-19 – Delta Center Listen

1995-02-20 – Delta Center Listen

1995-02-21 – The Delta Center Listen

1995-02-24 – Oakland Coliseum Arena Listen

1995-02-25 – Oakland Coliseum Arena Listen

1995-02-26 – Oakland-Alameda Listen

1995-03-17 – The Spectrum Listen

1995-03-18 – The Spectrum Listen

1995-03-19 – The Spectrum Listen

1995-03-22 – Charlotte Coliseum Listen

1995-03-23 – Charlotte Coliseum Listen

1995-03-24 – Charlotte Coliseum Listen

1995-03-26 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-27 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-28 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-29 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-30 – The Omni Listen

1995-04-01 – The Pyramid Listen

1995-04-02 – The Pyramid Listen

1995-04-04 – Jefferson Civic Center Coliseum Listen

1995-04-05 – Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Coliseum Listen

1995-04-07 – Tampa Stadium Listen

1995-05-19 – Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Listen

1995-05-20 – Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Listen

1995-05-21 – The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V. Listen

1995-05-24 – Memorial Stadium Listen

1995-05-25 – Memorial Stadium Listen

1995-05-26 – Memorial Stadium Listen

1995-05-28 – Portland Meadows Listen

1995-05-29 – Portland Meadows Listen

1995-06-02 – The Shoreline Amphitheatre Listen

1995-06-03 – Shoreline Amphitheatre Listen

1995-06-04 – Shoreline Amphitheatre Listen

1995-06-15 – Franklin County Airport Listen

1995-06-18 – Giants Stadium Listen

1995-06-19 – Giants Stadium Listen

1995-06-21 – Knickerbocker Arena Listen

1995-06-22 – Knickerbocker Arena Listen

1995-06-24 – RFK Stadium Listen

1995-06-25 – Robert F. Kennedy Stadium Listen

1995-06-27 – The Palace Listen

1995-06-28 – The Palace Listen

1995-06-30 – Three Rivers Stadium Listen

1995-07-02 – Deer Creek Music Center Listen

1995-07-05 – Riverport Amphitheater Listen

1995-07-06 – Riverport Amphitheater Listen

1995-07-08 – The Soldier Field Listen

1995-07-09 – The Soldier Field Listen

From the 1995-07-09 Show: Black Muddy River.  Jerry’s Last Solo

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