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On Public Access to the Internet Archive’s Grateful Dead Collection   1 comment

Although I have covered this topic in a technical blog some time ago, the programmatic approach is not for everyone.  As one correspondent wrote:


I just want to listen to Dark Star on my IPOD, not get a computer science degree.


Well, if you just want to listen to Dark Star (or Fire On the Mountain for that matter) just go here or here.  Right Click on any track listed, select SAVE AS and Bear’s your Uncle.  But if your needs go deeper and you don’t want to write code; here dear reader is a simple explanation involving nothing more technical than a browser (Chrome will do fine but use Internet Explorer will work also) and a text editor (notepad for example).

Know Your Rights

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers…

                                              Shakespeare  ‘Henry VI,” Part II

Please read the statement from the Internet Archive on use of the Grateful Dead recordings stored on the Internet Archive here.  Understanding and interpretation of same is up to you, not me. I am not a lawyer, I don’t even play one on television, thank you.


Doing a Single Track

Let’s say we like an early Dark Star, say:  Grateful Dead Live at Carousel Ballroom on 1968-01-17 for example.  Cursing to the Internet Archive we find the concert page for the Soundboard version we like the best:


Opps, No downloads on this concert. Let’s take a closer look at the browser screen, at the URL text box at the top:


the “Https://” is the same on all concerts but the other part is the unique key for this particular version of this concert:


I will call this the IAKEY.  We will use this key to delve into the Internet Archive a little more deeply.  Copy this text string from the URL text box and copy it into a Notepad text document.  Now we need a list of all the mp3 files associated with this recording of this concert. Internet Archive stores these in an xml file uniquely defined for each recording. Copy the following template string into a second Notepad text document:{IAKEY}/{IAKEY}_files.xml

Now using text replace the string “{IAKEY} with the IAKey we got perviously.  When you are done the string will look like:

Open a new browser window and copy this new string into the URL text box and press enter.  Here is what you get back:


Search for “Dark Star” on the screen and locate the mp3 file name I will call this the TrackMP3 (ignore any mp3 entries with the digits 64 in the mp3 file name).  In this case the mp3 for Dark Star is:


Open up your Notepad document as paste this string into it:{IAKEY}/{TrackMP3}

Now in this string replace {IAKEY} with gd1968-01-17.sbd.jeff.3927.shnf as we did before and replace {TrackMP3} with gd68-01-17d1t03_vbr.mp3

The final text string will now look like:

Open up a new browser tab and paste this string into it and press enter.  There you are Dark Star will start playing and just RIGHT CLICK and Select “Save As” and Bear’s your uncle.


Doing a Group of Tracks

This gets tedious right away.  You can improve this process to skip the part where the file starts playing first by using a little HTML code.  I am not going to explain the whole process but it works like this:

follow the steps above and get a couple (or all) of the TrackMP3 strings.  “Turn on Your Love Light” has an TrackMP3 of gd68-01-17d1t01_vbr.mp3.  Cryptical Envelopment has a TrackMP3 of gd68-01-17d2t01_vbr.mp3 and  Dark Star we already know.

Open a text editor and enter the lines:


<a href={IAKEY}/{TrackMP3}> {title}</a>

<a href={IAKEY}/{TrackMP3}> {title}</a>

<a href={IAKEY}/{TrackMP3}> {title}</a> 


Now replace {IAKey} and {TrackMP3} and {title} in each line with the strings you got above and save the text file with the extension HTML (NOT as a txt file).  Load the HTML file into the browser (drag and drop will work) and you will see in the browser:

Turn on Your Love Light

Cryptical Envelopment

Dark Star

Right click on each of these in turn and click Save As… I hope you are getting the picture now.


The Grateful Dead At the Fillmore West, June 1969   2 comments

This is the first of three blog posts on the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore West, 1969, 1970 and 1971.

The Internet Archive is the home of the Grateful Dead Tape Collection.  The 1969 represents in many ways the high point in the first phase of the Grateful Dead (the era of the Dark Star, Jamming, Pig Pen and LSD) and also a transition to the more single song orientation of Aoxomoxoa .    The Dead did a four night run at the Fillmore West on June 05, 06, 07 and 08.   The Fillmore West is more or less the home court for the Dead during this era and June is, mostly, the best month, for most years, that quality performances were caught on sound board recordings.   This run survives on three sound board recordings (June 05, 07 and 08) and a fragment of the June 06 set with an audience recording of three songs (including what may be the longest LoveLight at 46 minutes plus).  These shows show the extreme breath of the Dead’s song list even at this early date when enthusiasm often exceeds technique and also point clearly to the future dead where Dark Star all but disappears from the set list (Jerry said it morphed into the Mise-en-scène of the band).

The June 05 show is the type of Dead set which the early Dead are remembered for most today.  The run of Cryptically Envelopment/Drums/The Other One/ Cryptically Envelopment pretty well sets the crowd on fire and this is followed by a classic Dark Star/ St. Stephen / The Eleven in the second set.  Jerry’s petal steel guitar version of He Was A Friend of Mine is unique to this show. 

The June 07 show  is very different.  Pig Pen is absent and TC on the keyboards through out  until Pig Pen returns for the closing Lovelight.  This is a very Jerry set  as the opening shows:  Dire Wolf –> Dupree’s Diamond Blues –> Mountains Of the Moon –> Dark Star –> St. Stephen –> The Eleven. 

The show of June 08 turns the wheel again.  This is a dance riot set and the bass and drumming are way up front. The set  starts with Dancin’ in the Street and a monumental  early Dead classic New Potato Caboose.  The second set opens with  a unique 37 minute  deluxe version of Turn On Your Love Light (with With Elvin Bishop & Wayne Ceballos).  Phil and the drummers are just on fire.  Jerry is more or less absent.  If less typically psychedelic in sound, our old friend is clearly in the minds of the band.  Phil Lesh wrote of the June 08 show:

” I looked over at Jerry and saw a bridge of light like a rainbow of a thousand colors streaming between us; and flowing back and forth across that bridge: three-dimensional musical notes – some swirling like the planet Jupiter rotating at 100 times normal speed, some like fuzzy little tennis balls with dozens of legs and feet(each foot wearing a different sock!), some striped like zebras, some like pool balls, some even rectangular or hexagonal, all brilliantly colored and evolving as they flowed, not only the notes that were being played, but all the possible notes that could have been played. That moment may well have been the peak of psychedelic music for me – the combination of absolute inevitability and ecstatic freedom has never been equaled.”

You could pay out big bucks to Dead.Net and get the “Dead at the Fillmore West” with its much restricted set list  or you can listen to these recordings for free.  After you have  absorbed these 3 and one half hours of music, you might want to stay in your  seat at the Fillmore but jump ahead to June 1970.

Fillmore West: 1969-06-05

  • 01 09:51 Morning Dew Listen
  • 02 03:31 Me And My Uncle Listen
  • 03 07:06 Doing That Rag > Listen
  • 04 11:46 He Was A Friend Of Mine Listen
  • 05 05:43 Hard To Handle Listen
  • 06 06:39 Cosmic Charlie Listen
  • 07 02:18 Cryptical Envelopment -> Listen
  • 08 01:31 Drums -> Listen
  • 09 08:36 The Other One > Listen
  • 10 12:11 Cryptical Envelopment Listen
  • 11 04:33 China Cat Sunflower -> Listen
  • 12 03:41 Sittin’ On Top Of The World Listen
  • 13 21:12 Dark Star -> Listen
  • 14 05:54 St. Stephen -> Listen
  • 15 12:57 The Eleven -> Listen
  • 16 26:57 Turn On Your Lovelight Listen
  • Concert Length: 02:07:26Fillmore West: 1969-06-07
  • 01 02:29 Dire Wolf Listen
  • 02 04:01 Dupree’s Diamond Blues Listen
  • 03 05:35 Mountains Of The Moon Listen
  • 04 20:46 Dark Star Listen
  • 05 06:40 Saint Stephen Listen
  • 06 14:56 The Eleven Listen
  • 07 03:25 Sitting On Top Of The World Listen
  • 08 02:49 Cold Rain and Snow Listen
  • 09 08:01 Doin’ That Rag Listen  (is that Joplin saying Come On at ~3:40?)
  • 10 03:31 Me and My Uncle Listen
  • 11 20:57 Turn on Your Lovelight Listen(Joplin again according to set notes on Dead.Net)
  • Concert Length: 01:25:10Fillmore West: 1969-06-08
  • 01 13:00 Dancin’ In The Streets Listen
  • 02 12:09 He Was A Friend Of Mine -> Listen
  • 03 04:14 China Cat Sunflower -> Listen
  • 04 13:32 New Potato Caboose Listen
  • 05 04:01 Me & My Uncle Listen
    • 06 37:17 Turn On Your Lovelight Listen  (With Elvin Bishop & Wayne Ceballos)
  • 07 08:03 The Things I USed To Do Listen
  • 08 05:39 Who’s Lovin’ You Tonight Listen
  • 09 02:06 Cryptical Envelopment -> Listen
  • 10 00:59 Drums -> Listen
  • 11 11:31 The Other One -> Listen
  • 12 08:02 Cosmic Charlie Listen
  • Concert Length: 01:44:24Plus: Bonus Track:  Casey Jones early arrangement from 1969-06-27

Grateful Dead: DarkStar On The Internet Archives 1968 To 1994   6 comments

Here is a hyperlinked list of all soundboard DarkStar  performances available on the Internet archive.  This list is limited to soundboard recordings only.  There are 151 recording listed here.  Click on the venue name to go to the Internet Archive and play the entire concert containing the DarkStar recording.  Click on the time field to play just the selected DarkStar. More Grateful Dead here. More Internet Archive Information here.

1968-01-17 Carousel Ballroom 04:48

1968-01-20 Eureka Municipal Auditorium 03:08

1968-01-22 Eagles Auditorium 05:40

1968-02-03 Crystal Ballroom 05:22

1968-03-16 Carousel Ballroom 07:15

1968-03-29 Carousel Ballroom 07:28

1968-03-30 Carousel Ballroom 08:59

1968-08-21 Fillmore West 13:56

1968-08-22 Fillmore West 12:19

1968-08-28 Avalon Ballroom 10:23

1968-10-08 The Matrix Club 12:54

1968-10-10 The Matrix 13:08

1968-10-12 Avalon Ballroom 14:52

1968-10-13 Avalon Ballroom 13:34

1968-10-20 Greek Theatre – University of Ca 10:17

1968-11-01 Silver Dollar Fair 12:34

1968-11-06 Pacific High Recording 14:37

1968-12-07 Bellarmine College 13:25

1968-12-29 Gulfstream Park Race Track 10:25

1969-01-17 Civic Auditorium 13:09

1969-01-24 Avalon Ballroom 19:53

1969-01-25 Avalon Ballroom 14:06

1969-01-26 Avalon Ballroom 09:38

1969-02-12 Fillmore East 04:59

1969-02-15 Eaton’s list reads: 23:00

1969-02-21 Dream Bowl 20:38

1969-02-22 Dream Bowl 22:19

1969-03-28 Student Center 22:45

1969-04-04 Avalon Ballroom 20:21

1969-04-05 Avalon Ballroom 17:34

1969-04-11 University Auditorium, Universit 20:26

1969-04-13 Ballroom 23:56

1969-04-15 The Music Box 20:21

1969-04-20 Clark University 21:52

1969-04-21 The Ark 22:41

1969-04-22 The Ark 27:21

1969-04-23 The Ark 20:55

1969-05-07 Polo Field – Golden Gate Park 15:06

1969-05-07 Polo Field – Golden Gate Park 01:59

1969-05-07 Polo Field – Golden Gate Park 05:23

1969-05-23 Seminole Indian Village 18:57

1969-05-30 Springer’s Inn 17:03

1969-06-05 Fillmore West 21:12

1969-06-27 Veterans Auditorium 25:58

1969-08-03 Family Dog at the Great Highway 23:08

1969-08-16 Woodstock Music 19:05

1969-09-01 Baton Rouge International Speedw 07:14

1969-11-02 Family Dog at the Great Highway 30:06

1969-11-07 Fillmore Auditorium 17:57

1969-11-07 Fillmore Auditorium 05:42

1969-12-26 McFarlin Auditorium, SMU 24:00

1969-12-30 Boston Tea Party 20:17

1970-02-02 Fox Theatre 21:58

1970-02-11 Fillmore East 16:18

1970-09-19 Fillmore East 25:23

1970-11-05 Capitol Theater 21:06

1971-02-18 Capitol Theater 07:02

1971-02-18 Capitol Theater 07:19

1971-04-08 Boston Music Hall 14:26

1971-10-21 Auditorium Theatre 14:57

1971-10-21 Auditorium Theatre 02:12

1971-11-07 Harding Theatre 14:54

1971-12-05 Felt Forum – Madison Square Gard 08:06

1971-12-05 Felt Forum – Madison Square Gard 12:23

1971-12-15 Hill Auditorium 20:22

1972-04-14 Tivolis Koncertsal 29:11

1972-04-17 Tivoli Gardens 30:54

1972-04-24 Rheinhalle 22:21

1972-04-24 Rheinhalle 14:02

1972-04-29 Musikhalle 29:53

1972-05-04 L’Olympia 19:21

1972-05-04 L’Olympia 17:32

1972-05-18 Kongressaal – Deutsches Museum 26:29

1972-05-23 Strand Lyceum 29:58

1972-05-25 Strand Lyceum 34:30

1972-07-18 Roosevelt Stadium 27:12

1972-07-26 Paramount Theater 30:47

1972-08-24 Berkeley Community Theatre 27:33

1972-08-27 Old Renaissance Faire Grounds 13:06

1972-09-10 Hollywood Palladium 32:09

1972-09-16 Boston Music Hall 26:59

1972-10-18 Fox Theater 28:24

1972-10-23 Performing Arts Center 28:23

1972-10-26 Music Hall 21:32

1972-10-28 Cleveland Public Hall 16:50

1972-10-28 Cleveland Public Hall 10:53

1972-11-19 Hofheinz Pavilion – University o 31:11

1972-12-11 Winterland Arena 34:26

1972-12-15 Long Beach Arena 35:35

1973-02-15 Dane County Coliseum 19:24

1973-02-22 Assembly Hall, University Of Ill 13:30

1973-03-16 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseu 27:13

1973-03-24 The Spectrum 03:59

1973-03-28 Springfield Civic Center Arena 32:08

1973-06-10 RFK Stadium 26:33

1973-06-24 Memorial Coliseum 27:13

1973-06-30 Universal Amphitheatre 16:29

1973-08-01 Roosevelt Stadium 24:51

1973-09-11 The William and Mary College Hal 23:18

1973-10-25 Dane County Coliseum 23:56

1973-10-30 Kiel Auditorium 12:57

1973-10-30 Kiel Auditorium 12:04

1973-11-21 Denver Coliseum 03:25

1973-12-06 Public Hall 44:06

1973-12-18 Curtis Hixon Convention Hall 21:44

1974-02-24 Winterland Arena 29:02

1974-05-14 The Adams Field House, U of Mont 26:40

1974-06-23 Jai-Alai Fronton 17:28

1974-10-18 Winterland Arena 23:51

1979-01-10 Nassau Coliseum 18:24

1979-01-20 Shea’s Theatre 10:15

1981-12-31 Oakland Auditorium 15:26

1984-07-13 Greek Theatre – University of Ca 16:05

1989-10-09 Hampton Coliseum 19:22

1989-10-16 Brendan Byrne Arena 13:03

1989-10-16 Brendan Byrne Arena 05:22

1989-10-26 Miami Arena 26:53

1989-12-31 Oakland Coliseum Arena 15:04

1990-03-29 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseu 18:21

1990-03-29 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseu 04:25

1990-10-20 Internationales Congress Centrum 13:58

1990-10-20 Internationales Congress Centrum 04:36

1990-11-01 Wembely Arena 09:52

1990-11-01 Wembely Arena 10:55

1990-12-12 McNichols Sports Arena 13:47

1990-12-14 McNichols Arena 05:18

1990-12-31 Coliseum Arena 20:34

1991-04-01 Greensboro Coliseum 23:29

1991-04-01 Greensboro Coliseum 02:49

1991-06-17 Giants Stadium 01:33

1991-06-17 Giants Stadium 01:18

1991-06-17 Giants Stadium 06:12

1991-06-22 Soldier Field 07:31

1991-06-28 Mile High Stadium 01:30

1991-08-16 Shoreline Amphitheatre 12:34

1991-08-17 Shoreline Amphitheatre 01:06

1991-09-06 Richfield Coliseum 03:25

1991-09-08 Madison Square Garden 09:05

1991-09-24 Boston Garden 14:59

1991-09-26 Boston Garden 13:16

1991-09-26 Boston Garden 06:18

1992-03-09 Capital Centre 11:04

1992-03-20 Copps Coliseum 14:19

1992-06-08 Richfield Coliseum 08:46

1992-06-18 Charlotte Coliseum 06:00

1992-06-22 Star Lake Amphitheater 04:00

1992-12-12 Oakland Coliseum Arena 13:05

1993-06-23 Deer Creek Music Center 07:13

1993-09-13 The Spectrum 05:33

1993-09-22 Madison Square Garden 08:15

1994-03-16 Rosemont Horizon 11:15

1994-03-30 The Omni 10:29

The Grateful Dead At The Old Renaissance Faire Grounds – 1972-08-27   Leave a comment

Although there are a lot of strong 1972 recordings available of the Grateful Dead, this one is interesting for its expansive set list (three sets), a strong Dark Star, great Ken Kesey stage announcements, and some cool videos.

Grateful Breed discribes the concert this way:

A benefit for Ken Kesey’s brother’s Creamery that became one of the mythic best performances of their entire career. It was a hot day in Oregon, over 100 degrees farenheit.

First Set

  •  05:55 Stage Announcements, Intros, Gift Presentations
  •  03:31 The Promised Land
  •  09:15 Sugaree
  •  03:26 Me & My Uncle
  •  05:59 Deal
  •  06:29 Black-Throated Wind
  •  02:54 Stage Announcements
  •  06:50 China Cat Sunflower ->
  •  07:11 I Know You Rider
  •  02:25 Stage Announcements
  •  04:02 Mexicali Blues
  •  05:52 Bertha

Second Set

  •  05:46 Playin in the Band >
  •  12:58 Playin Jam ->
  •  03:04 Playing In The Band Reprise
  •  02:12 Stage Announcements
  •  09:07 He’s Gone
  •  02:51 Stage Announcements
  •  06:03 Jack Straw
  •  12:32 Bird Song
  •  01:04 Stage Announcements
  •  05:30 Greatest Story Ever Told

Third Set

  •  13:06 Dark Star ->
  •  18:30 \’Jazz Star\’ Jam ->
  •  05:15 El Paso ->
  •  11:23 Sing Me Back Home
  •  00:47 Stage Announcements
  •  08:44 Sugar Magnolia
  •  02:57 Stage Announcements
  •  07:00 Casey Jones
  •  05:28 One More Saturday Night
  •  02:02 Stage Announcements

The Internet Archive has the whole concert recording here.

If you ever wondered what Jerry is doing during those long Dark Star Variations watch this video except  (and where did he get all those black t-shirts?):
Want More Visuals? =>

Here is the concert (and more) on Video:

(This film escaped rather than released and seems to be produced(?) by Ken myself.  The opening sequences of this film are not from this 1972 concert.  Rather the visuals are from the the magic bus trips with Kesey, Cassidy and the Merry Pranksters.  The audio for these visuals from several 1966 Acid trips. After about five minutes of madness the film then turns to the madness of the 1972 concert.
Recommended Viewing.
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On This Day In Grateful Dead History   1 comment

Avalon Ballroom April 5, 1969 <Hear It Right Now>


This is a Sound Board Recording Mixed by the amazing Charlie Miller

The first set is on fire:

Dupree’s Diamond Blues ->
Mountains Of The Moon ->
Dark Star –>     <Hear It Right Now>
St. Stephen ->
The Eleven ->
Turn On Your Lovelight


The second set starts a little rough Cosmic Charlie does not come together and China Cat appears without I Know You Rider. (Moving ahead in time to 1971-04-05 you can hear a great

China Cat Sunflower –> I Know You Rider

at the Manhattan Center (Yes THAT Manhattan Center) but that’s another tail.

In the second set things move back into high gear with:

Cryptical Envelopment ->
Drums ->
The Other One ->
Cryptical Envelopment ->
The Eleven ->
It’s A Sin
Alligator ->
Drums ->
Feedback –>    <Hear It Right Now>
And We Bid You Good Night

All this and more on the Internet Archive’s Grateful Dead Collection.

See my prior post on how to download these concerts.


Dark Star – A 1970 Performance   19 comments

What a difference two months can make.  The ever chameleonic Grateful Dead were mellow hippie cowboys at the (West Coast) Euphoria Ballroom Concert on 1970-09-04; but on 1970-09-19 they were back at the Filmore East with an excellant Psychedelic set which includes a remarkable Dark Star.  You can listen to it here on the Internet Archive.

Dark Star

The third set that night included:

Dark Star ->
St. Stephen ->
Not Fade Away ->
Darkness Jam ->
China Cat Jam ->
Not Fade Away ->
Turn On Your Lovelight


This is a true dark star, long and forbidding with primal tentacles reaching deep into the synergistic reality sphere, where all truths fit together.   (See chronosynclastic infundibulum for details),  Jerry does not so much play Dark Star here as join Dark Star, which is already in progress, and is probably playing out there someplace to this day. Jerry just borrowed it from time to time.

The unfortunate Youngbloods had to follow this monumental set.  There opening number of there popular “Get Together” is completely drowned out by crys of “MORE DEAD”, “MORE DEAD”.  Eventually Phil and Pig Pen are sent out to ask the crowd to allow the Youngblood to continue playing.  When this request was drowned out by more crys of “MORE DEAD”, “MORE DEAD”.  Pig Pen addressed the crowd thusly:

“Why don’t you guys go home and fuck somebody?”

The true hippie political program in a nutshell.

RIP, Jerry

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