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Guest Post: The Brissioni Blog – Thankfulness and John Lennon   Leave a comment

Nancy Brissioni has been posting on The Brissioni Blog since 2010.  Her posts on books and social justice are always well written and thoughtful. We enjoy them a lot. Please visit her blog or drop in on her feed on Google+.  Here is her post from the last week of November, 2013:

Thankfulness and John Lennon

By Nancy Brissioni from The Brissioni Blog

I came of age in those amazing times when America learned to hate war and long for peace. I grew up chanting “All we are saying, is give Peace a chance” along with John Lennon and many blue jean clad peers. We all boarded the “Peace Train” and pinned our hopes on a world that wanted peace as badly as we did. We recognized war as a terrible thing, tearing people, families, children, homes, villages, cities, and nations apart and emphasizing the fault lines of hate that run through human history. We did not want to go to war in Vietnam.

As we aged our anti-war message mellowed. We learned the lessons of expediency. With Katie we watched two planes fly into the Twin Towers; we watched those proud towers which pierced our skies burn to ash, melt, and fall over our iconic city. While many of us peaceniks did not want to go to war in Iraq and had real doubts about those weapons of mass destruction, we felt that if we seemed unprepared for some military style of retaliation we would only invite more attacks. We recognized the need to mount a good defense in terms of domestic security systems, and a good offense in terms of a willingness to find and hunt down our enemies and to be ready to meet them on a battlefield. War reared its ugly head again and our chorus of “give Peace a chance” dwindled until it was almost just a silent wish. But that refrain is still there; it is the bass line of our existence. When our strong yearning for peace was met by the revelation that anti-American sentiment around the world was about to become the treble line of our existence, we girded our loins (well the loins of our soldiers) to do more war, war seemingly without end, as it is unclear how all the hostilities that face us around the globe will ever give way to tolerance and peaceful coexistence. It looks as if our contretemps with Islamic extremists will be quite hard to unravel, and then we face other unhappy campers in far flung corners of the world. It looks like we will become way more weary of war before the people of earth will ever reach some kind of equanimity and détente.

So when I saw what happened with the chemical weapons in Syria; when I saw that a peaceful solution was found that seems to be functioning; when I see Syria’s chemical weapons being destroyed by Syria without our having to brings our missiles to bear, then it does not matter who looks weak and who did or didn’t get to strut their hawkishness. I am simply thankful and since it is Thanksgiving, what better week is there to express my thankfulness. And when I see Iran asking us to consider a bargain, a deal, however small that deal may be, I am again thankful, although with lots of reservations – a kind of wait and see thankfulness that that little bass line, John Lennon’s line, “give Peace a chance” just got a little bit louder; not rocking the car louder, but the car next to you knows you are listening to the tune louder. I guess you could say that I am tentatively thankful, hoping this will turn into full blown thankfulness and that this trend of working things out will continue. Happy Thanksgiving! Listen to the bass line.

and Imagine…

This is the view from the cheap seats.

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Steal This Page: Abbie Hoffman, American Hero   1 comment

Today for no apparent reason we commemorate Abbie Hoffman.

Here are some free links to books and a facsimile of Abbie’s Realist Article which you may steal.

Fuck The System

Steal This Book

Revolution For The Hell Of It (Realist Article, includes Jerry Rubin’s Statement)

Shall I go off and away to bright Andromeda?
Shall I sail my wooden ships to the sea?
Or stay in a cage of those in Amerika??
Or shall I be on the knee?
Wave goodbye to Amerika
Say hello to the garden.

                                                                                                               Jefferson Starship (Let’s Go Together)

Out Demons, Out!

The Fugs (Ed Sanders)

Oct 21 1967: 70,000 demonstrators came to Washington, D.C. to “Confront the War Makers.” The biggest rally was held at the Lincoln Monument on the D.C. Mall. During the afternoon, people lined the reflecting pool and listened to speeches by Dave Dellinger and Dr. Benjamin Spock… The plan was for people to sing and chant until the Pentagon was levitated and turned orange, driving out the evil spirits and ending the war in Viet Nam. By the way, it was a year later that Abbie Hoffman was arrested in Washington DC for wearing a shirt that resembled the design of an American flag. “I wore the shirt because I was going before the un-American Activities Committee of the House of Representatives, and I don’t particularly consider that committee American, and I don’t consider that House of Representatives particularly representative. And I wore the shirt to show that we were in the tradition of the founding fathers of this country.”

Abbie later wrote:

No need to build a stage, it was all around us. Props would be simple and obvious. We would hurl ourselves across the canvas of society like streaks of splattered paint. Highly visual images would become news, and rumor-mongers would rush to spread the excited word. … For us, protest as theater came natural. We were already in costume. … Once we acknowledged the universe as theater and accepted the war of symbols, the rest was easy. All it took was a little elbow grease, a little hustle.

The first duty of a revolutionist is to get away with it. The second duty is to eat breakfast. I ain’t going.

  • Spoken to police immediately prior to his arrest at the Lincoln Hotel Restaurant in Chicago (August 1968), quoting himself in “Creating the Perfect Mess” (1 September 1968) in Revolution for the Hell of It (1968)

The 1968 Democratic Convention

Tactics At the Democratic Convention

Abbie Hoffman was a founder with Jerry Rubin of the semi-fictional Youth International Party. Abbie described himself as “an orphan of America” and “a child of Woodstock Nation.” during testimony in the Chicago 8 trail.  He was, perhaps, the most intriguing figure in Judge Hoffman’s courtroom.  Hoffman believed that identity is defined by myth propagated through the media.

Hoffman was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 30, 1936.  He graduated from Brandeis in 1959, then picked up a master’s degree at Berkeley.  In the early 1960’s, he returned to Worcester to work as a psychologist in a state hospital.  His career in political activism began with his work for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the South.  Hoffman was still relatively straight until 1966 when he turned onto drugs and began the loosely organized Yippie movement.

Hoffman went underwent plastic surgery and assumed the underground alias of “Barry Freed” in 1974 to avoid trial on charges of possessing cocaine. He stayed underground in upper New York state until 1980, when he surrendered to authorities.  He was sentenced to a work-release program in 1981-82, then resumed his life of political activism.  In 1987, Hoffman was arrested for the forty-second time while protesting CIA recruitment at the University of Massachusetts with Amy Carter and thirteen others.

At a 1988 reunion of the Chicago Seven, Hoffman described himself as “an American dissident.  I don’t think my goals have changed since I was four and I fought schoolyard bullies.”

On April 12, 1989, Hoffman was found dead at his home in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  The death was later ruled a suicide.

The Chicago Eight ( later Seven)

You can count me out (in).  You had to be there.

There will be no fist shaking and we caution you not to repeat it. Judge Hoffman

Ruben Bolling’s Amazing Comic: Bill O’Reilly’s Nightmare   Leave a comment

Tom the Dancing Bug

Ruben Bolling’s Amazing Comic: Bill O’Reilly’s Nightmare


The Empire Never Died! P. K. Dick (1981)   Leave a comment

Original Photo as published in the New York Times/(copyright: Ivan Alvarado / Reuters)

As modified by me into black and white and enhanced in Photoshop:FirstDraft

Final Poster:


Occupy Wall Street – Occupy All Streets – September 15, 16, 17, 2012   1 comment



May 1, 2012 May Day General Strike – Occupy The Streets–#GlobalSpring   2 comments

This winter, we refocused our energies on fostering ties with local communities, saving homes from corrupt banks and jobs from greedy corporations, and building and expanding our horizontal infrastructure. This #GlobalSpring, we will take the streets again. On May 1st, Occupy Wall Street has called for a General Strike. We are calling on everyone who supports the cause of economic justice and true democracy to take part: No Work, No School, No Housework, No Shopping, No Banking – and most importantly, TAKE THE STREETS!

Information On The Web:


Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Together

Occupy Boston

Occupy Maine

Occupy Colleges

Women Occupy

Street Spirit


Occupy Wall Street – Resources On The Web   2 comments


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#Occupy Bat Signal
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