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Japan’s Nuclear Crisis – NRC Threat Assessment Of Fukushima Risks   Leave a comment

The Blog Idaho Samizdat: Nuke Notes reports the following today:

The New York Times reports today that a March 26 threat assessment by the Reactor Safety Team of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) warns that the crippled nuclear plant faces fresh threats that could persist indefinitely.

The newspaper reports that in some cases risks are expected to increase as a result of the very measures being taken to keep the plant stable, according to a confidential assessment prepared by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This blog has obtained the NRC assessment from a source outside the government Click here for a copy in PDF format.

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Note that because of the way the document was scanned it appears to be upside down. Just print out the 15 page report to read it right side up.


I am mirroring the document here. (I will display upside down on your screen but just print it out to read)

Additional fact based reporting can found at the Stanford Seminar of March 21, 2011:

The Nuclear Crisis in Japan CISAC, FSI Stanford Seminar

I highly recommend both the New York Times and the Idaho Samizdat if you are following this story.


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Grateful Dead 1977-05-25 (and a little 1977-05-08)   Leave a comment

I only saw the Grateful Dead once.  I was a student (barely) at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and it was November 1971.  The Dead played with The New Riders and Jerry joined them during the second half of their set.  A had gone to the concert with a couple of true Dead Heads from my dorm.  How Dead were they? While they had been following the dead tour since school had started in the fall and this was the first time we saw them in Albuquerque this semester.  During the first par to the NRPR set there was ol’ Jerry wandering around the back of the auditorium.


Many Dead Heads swear by Dick’s Pick #18 as a definitive sample of the Grateful Dead in the late 1970’s.  This was recorded in America’s  heartland, Iowa on  1978-02-03 and 1978-02-05.  For capturing not only the Godchaux’s (Donna and Keith). Canonical version of  Scarlet Begonias and Fire On The Mountain.  Donna not in the best of voice that night.  Besides the internet archive makes the  music from this era available for free  (but not 1978-02-03 and 1978-02-05).  I have documented elsewhere how to get to the Grateful Dead recordings on the Internet Archive and how to make copies of even the streaming versions of the Dead shows on the Internet archive (Steal This Show!). The (free) music available at this site is more varied than the releases in the Dick’s Picks Series and (in my opinion) is often mixed with a more exciting and live style.  Some of the official archive show releases from the Dead organization seem to have the life sucked out of them in the re-mixing process.  As good as the February, 1978 shows are I suggest that you take a listen at some of the May, 1977.  The Dead has a great run of shows that month.

St. Paul Civic Center Arena on 1977-05-11 (Charlie Miller Sound Board Recording)

Mosque on 1977—5-25 (Charlie Miller Sound Board Recording)

Barton Hall on 1977-05-08 (Matrix Recording)

My IPod Playlist of 05/1977 is set up like this:


There are many Blogs for the seriously involved Dead Head:

Dead Blog; and this one, and this one.

What YouTube Does Not Want To Show You.   Leave a comment


Try Flickr:


Grateful Dead V3.0 – 1990 Performances   Leave a comment

The Dead played an active schedule during the spring and summer of 1990. Brent Midland’s last show was 1990-07-23 and he died of an overdose on 1990-07-26

I have been listening to the Internet Archive 1990 concerts from January to July.  The Dead continued touring into the fall of 1990 but  I don’t have the heart to listen to  those concerts.

Commercial Releases

The most important Dead organization releases drawn from this period are:

Without A Net (with shows from both 1989 and 1990); and

the incomparable, Dozin’ At The Knick (1990)

If you only listen to one live grateful dead show from the 1990’s, etc, etc, Dozin’ At the Knick is the one.  Jerry and Brent’s voices are excellant throughout and Jerry absolutely nails the ballads on  Dozin’ At The Knick .  Jerry flies like a butterfly and stings  like a bee here.  Standouts include definitive renditions of :

  • Row Jimmy,

  • Lady with a Fan,

  • Stella Blue and

  • Jack-A-Roe.

  • Strangely missing from Dozin’ At the Knick is “Let The Good Times Roll” which was the opener that night (as well as on  many other late 1989 and early 1990 shows).  Listen to a version here:

Internet Archive

To get down with the dead you will need to go to the Internet Archive and browse the rather complete collection of shows.  You can stream these shows (or with a few extra mouse clicks even streamed songs can be downloaded) See my comments in prior logs here and here on how to do this.  Steal this Song.

There are at least four other standout songs in the Dead sets of this era not covered by these commercial releases:

  • Peggy-o,

  • The Weight,

  • Gimme Some Lovin’ (New Age Version)  and the amazing

  • Standing on the Moon.

Try these versions:

There are many good and some great dead shows between January and July.    Some of these include:

Try ’em.  You’ll like ’em.

Fantasy Grateful Dead Set – 1990

Here’s what’s on my IPod from the 1990 concerts:

Let The Good Times Roll  – Copps 1990-03-22

Gimme Some Lovin’  – Nasssau – 1990-03-30

Standing On The Moon – Cardinal Stadium 1990-07-06

Row Jimmy  – Dozin’ At The Knick

Uncle John’s band – Dozin’ At The Nick

The Other One – Dominguez Hills 1990-05-06

Dear Prudence Jam – Oakland Coliseum 1991-12-30 (trust me)

The Wheel – Nasssau – 1990-03-30

The Weight – Dominguez Hills 1990-05-06

Brokedown Palace – Dozin’ At The Nick

Jack-A_Roe – Dozin’ At The Nick

Peggy-O – Capital Center 1990-03-16

Gimme Some Lovin – Cal Expo Amphitheater 1990-06-10 ( it’s my fantasy set)

Lady With A Fan – Dozin’ At The Nick

Dear Mr. Fantasy Without A Net (from the Omni 1990-04-01)

Hey Jude – The Omni 1990-04-01 – (this is the next track after Dear Mr. Fantasy on Without A Net)

Stella Blue – Dozin’ At The Nick

The Wheel – Dozin’ At The Nick

Black Peter – Dozin’ At The Nick

Deal – JGB – 1990

Dear Prudence – JGB – 1990

Rain – Oakland Coliseum 1992-12-12

Chanting By Gyoto Monks – Shoreline Amphitheater 1995-06-02


Philip K. Dick – Mental Health And God   4 comments

The standard rap on P.K. Dick can be read here. If you are of a certain age you read Dick in short story form in pulp SF magazines like “Amazing Stories” and most importantly the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (1968) and the now lesser known  novel “The Man in the High Castle” (1962).

The official PK Dick Site can be found here. A very good  UNOFFICIAL site can be found here.  Several films have tried with different degrees of success to move Dick’s work to the silver screen. Ridley Scott  took on “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” and got the art and the feeling right (if not the story line) in the classic American SF film Blade Runner 

Seven wives and repeated brushes with alcohol and methamphetamine abuse were ghosts which haunted his life and writing.  According to the official web site:  In February and March 1974, Dick experienced a series of visions and auditions including an information-rich “pink light” beam that transmitted directly into his consciousness.
This experience was documented by R. Crumb in the 1986 Comix: Weirdo No. 17 .
A packaged PDF version here in this blog post.  Dick died in 1982…or did he?


A Scanner Darkly

Radio Free Albemuth

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Mayans On The Moon   Leave a comment

2012 – Mayans On The Moon

Originally uploaded by dlr2008

Forget about those nuts who say we never went to the moon We got there alright, its what we found there that had to be covered up. What better to do this than to create the false story that we never landed on the moon. Take a look at this un-retouched photo from the second to last moon landing. This something that NASA does not want to talk about. And not only that, check out this link about time travel.

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JQuery 2009 & AJAX Experience 2009   Leave a comment

John Resig
Photo By dlr2008 On

JQuery Conference 2009

This conference took place at the Microsoft Research Center in Cambridge Massachusetts on September 12 & 13, 2009. This was a small but intense gathering of JQuery and JQuery UI core developers and assorted developers working on extensions to JQuery (aka plug-ins). There were about 300 participants most of whom were intensely involved with JQuery. Your humble scribe was one of the least informed participants. JQuery has never looked stronger, the development team is cohesive and motivated, and community support is extensive. John Resig’s numbers indicate that something in excess of 35% of all public sites running JavaScript are using JQuery. The library wars are over. Let the framework wars begin. The conference agenda and speakers list and slides can be found by starting: here.

JQuery core is stable at release 1.3.2 but 1.3.3 is coming “real soon now.” The 1.3 versions have focused on optimization, simplification and (proactive) HTML5 support.John’s talk about recent changes to JQuery Internals can be found here. Next year will see moving JQuery core and open source licenses will be transferred to Software Freedom Law Center. Projects for the next year (think version 1.4) include move JQuery\UI infrastructure into JQuery proper. Significant work has been done within JQuery core to streamline and simplify plug-in development via the Widget Factory ($.widget(…)) (thanks to Scott González for this excellent presentation). For the hard core, Paul Irish gave an excellent presentation on JQuery Anti-Patterns. This was bookended by Yehuda Katz’s excellent Best Practices presentation. Aaron Quint was among the Rubists who are advancing the state of JQuery Art. His Sammy.js project attempts to use JQuery to create a browser side MVC/REST framework. John Nunemaker is also working in this basic area and his presentation can be found here.

The Jupiter Room

Photo By dlr2008 On

The walk away component demonstrated at the conference was the work done by Filament Group employees, Todd Parker and Scott Jehl who developed and maintain the new ThemeRoller CSS generator for use with JQuery/UI components. Outstanding Work!

This year’s conference was sold out at 300 participants and was a mind blowing experience. Two days of the sort of “deep dive” Microsoft presenters can only dream of. All this, plus great food and a T-shirt, for one hundred bucks American. We won’t see this sort of thing until the next big thing comes along. Look for the following event during 2010: one virtual (online) developer conference (similar to JQuery 2009 but without the food) and three ‘bigger’ user conferences (London, Los Angles and Boston). Splendid!

The AJAX Experience 2009

This conference took place at the Boston Airport Hilton on September 14 – 16, 2009. What an ugly hotel. Isolated, bad restaurant, overpriced breakfast, cold design, the hotel truly sucks. The conference itself was much better. If at JQuery 2009 we saw significant evidence of what the web will be in the next two years, The AJAX Experience showed us some of what will not happen:

  • The HTML5 specification will be released too late to mater,
  • ES5 will not change the world, or JavaScript.
  • Browser vendors will implement HTML5 using different API’s and approaches,
  • Conflicts between Security and JavaScript will NOT be resolved anytime soon,
  • JSON is not going away but XML ,
  • JavaScript is not going to be changed in any fundamental way,
  • Page Refreshes are not.

The AJAX Experience is a developer driven conference and uniquely includes presenters from both the standards community (W3C, ES5) and major players (Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft).

Douglas Crockford

Photo By dlr2008 On

The conference is well worth attending to take the pulse of the AJAX/REST world from a developer perspective. It is a conference with does not have an edge to it.  To be fair, this is a conference with a large number of big faces present and the structure of the conference is oriented towards making these faces easily available for one on one’s.  And for that we thank the folks at AJAX Experience.

On the plus side AJAX and REST continue to hold an enduring fascination for web developers looking for the edge. One of the best attended sessions was Facebook’s overview of how AJAX, careful architectural design, client side caching and REST principles, can be brought together into a workable whole. The presentation slides can be found here. This is an important presentation and should be viewed by anyone who want to ‘go all the way’ with AJAX/REST. If nothing else this presentation shows how little native support there is in the current set of browsers for this effort and how clumsy the basic design of JavaScript is when this advanced work is attempted. Please understand dear reader that the best AJAX/REST web site would have only ONE page load all other data exchange and UI work is done on this canvas. The Facebook folks found that after years of effort they still force unnecessary page loads as the only way to clean up events, timers, namespace debris and memory leaks.


For me the most interesting, and the most depressing presentation was the much anticipated panel discussion: Secure Mashups: Getting to Safe Web Plug-ins

The panelists where Marcel Laverdet (Facebook – FBJS), Mike Samuel (Google – Caja), Scott Issacs (Microsoft – The Open Source Web Sandbox) and Douglas Crockford (adSafe). And the discussion was spirited. The goal here is to develop a method by which a web site (think Facebook for example) can accept browser widgets (think ads or user gadgets) from multiple sources and assure “secure cooperation” between all widgets and with the vendor’s (the page owner) HTML and JavaScript code. Although there are nuances between the different approaches and differences in scope, each of these attempts to mash-up ‘security’ follow the same pattern:

  • Clean incoming HTML for “evil parts”
  • Clean incoming JavaScript for “evil parts”
  • Encapsulate the remaining JavaScript code in wrapper functions which ultimately call methods in:
  • The Vendor’s Security Library

The Security Library purpose is to prevent, at run time, manipulation of HTML belonging to other parts of the system and preventing JavaScript exploits. Each solution provides its own definition of what the “evil parts” are, what constitutes ‘secure’ behavior and what are the limits of the security library. None of the solutions currently support JavaScript libraries. Although, Google and Microsoft made noises like they will attempt to bring third party libraries (read JQuery here) into the tent. There was a lot of discussion around this point. My notebook shows that John Resig’s name was mentioned by panelists eight times during this discussion. The overall goals of the projected solutions vary from forcing no code changes (Web Sandbox) to forcing complete re-writes (adSafe is alone is requiring safe widgets to being written exclusively using ONLY the adSafe library). All four projects are in early beta.
Significantly, there were no presentations which addressed Secure Browser OS projects like Microsoft Gazelle or Google’s Chrome OS.

PS: On the UI side of the house Bill Scott gave a delightful presentation on UI methods. For UI designers his presentations (and books) are not be to be missed.

JQuery And AJAX Experience 2009 – The Movie:

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