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1989-08-19 – Another Great Performance By The Grateful Dead At the Greek Theater   Leave a comment


I like the 1989 concerts (and I like Brent’s singing during these shows), and the Greek Theater was the downloadsite of many great performances. This August 19th concert was the third of a three day run at the Greek Theater in 1989 and bobweirthe only one with a clean sound board recording (processed by the great Charlie Miller). The prior two concerts can be found on the Internet Archive here and here.  The first set include interesting vocals by  We Can Run (Brent)    and a great first set ov vocals from Bob.

Listen to the concert now


The second set has a very tight (although short) run of:

and then turns to



Jerry was great this day.


Grateful Dead – Greek Theatre, University of California at Berkeley – 1982

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