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The Grateful Dead: 1977-04-23   Leave a comment

This is one concert that the Dick’s Pick series could have released but didn’t.  Listen to it now before they charge you for it, it is available free on the Internet Archive.   This is part of the great spring tour which produced so many memorable Scarlet Begonia –> Fire On the Mountain.  He it appears in the unusual position as the first set closer.  Keith Godchaux was playing the Hammond B-3 organ for much of the concert that night which contributes to the unique sound of this concert.  Row Jimmy in the first set was a stellar performance.  Jerry and Donna’s voices are tightly intertwined, Keith is adding just the right minimalists organ and Phil sounds great playing notes so low they don’t sound possible on an electric bass.  Jerry and Bob are both on slide guitar and Jerry’s heartbreakingly beautiful sole is a gift. Twelve minutes and 24 seconds of intimacy.  The whole concert is well miked and the bass performance of the recordings are excellent.  The second set starts with Estimated Prophet and the sequence:

The Music Never Stopped –> Help On The Way –> Slipknot –> Franklin’s Tower

is on fire (so to speak).  The Dark Star was shinning bright on this night. wOw.

Springfield Civic Center Arena: 1977-04-23

  • 01 13:58 Sugaree Listen
  • 02 06:36 Cassidy Listen
  • 03 10:03 Loser Listen
  • 04 06:31 New Minglewood Blues Listen
  • 05 07:59 Ramble On Rose Listen
  • 06 06:34 Me And My Uncle Listen
  • 07 12:24 Row Jimmy Listen
  • 08 08:03 It’s All Over Now Listen
  • 09 07:08 Scarlet Begonias -> Listen
  • 10 11:01 Fire On The Mountain Listen
  • 11 01:38 Tuning/Take A Step Back Listen
  • 12 08:30 Estimated Prophet Listen
  • 13 10:02 Bertha Listen
  • 14 08:11 The Music Never Stopped Listen
  • 15 05:38 Help On The Way -> Listen
  • 16 08:24 Slipknot! -> Listen
  • 17 10:33 Franklin’s Tower -> Listen
  • 18 07:06 Around And Around -> Listen
  • 19 08:50 Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad -> Listen
  • 20 12:59 Not Fade Away Listen
  • 21 04:51 One More Saturday Night Listen
  • Concert Length: 02:16:51

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January, 2016 incoming comment:

We will only ask you once.

There will be no second chances.

Remove the photo of Keith Godchaux.

You do not have our permission to use it.

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Ignoring this polite request will result in significant action.

Thanks for your time and attention.

I removed the photo (Please visit the Link Above to view the photo). I wrote back to “Bob”:

Lighten up Bob.  Photo has been removed.

“Bob” replied:

Dear Dennis,

Thanks for taking down the photo.

If our request appeared heavy-handed, it’s for good reason.

Our photos could easily become “public domain”.

That’s not acceptable.

We’ve been jacked-around quite a bit lately.

Two national companies have infringed our work, big-time.

If they’re lucky, the US attorney won’t being felony charges.

Have a good year.


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