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The Grateful Dead: Dancin’ In The Street Part I (1970-04-15)   Leave a comment

This was Pigpen’s night at the Winterland.   Pigpen IS James Brown on It’s a Man’s World and Jerry sounds like two separate guitarist on his two breaks during this song. wOw.  The set closes with

Dancin’ In the Street (featuring Bob & Pigpen)

[Compare this version with the 1978-04-10 Bob and Godchaux version (Listen).]

Followed by the massive Pig Pen production:

Turn On Your Love Light –> Not Fade Away –> Not Fade Away.

Motown a go go.

According to those in the know this was some kinda night for the SF sound at its finest. Quicksilver Messenger Service opened followed by the Jefferson Airplane and then the Dead blow the place apart.

Winterland Arena: 1970-04-15

  • 01 08:10 It’s A Man’s World Listen
  • 02 05:16 Candyman Listen
  • 03 02:04 Cryptical Envelopment -> Listen
  • 04 03:56 Drums -> Listen
  • 05 05:55 Jam -> Listen
  • 06 00:24 Drums -> Listen
  • 07 08:42 The Other One -> Listen
  • 08 03:20 Cryptical Envelopment Listen
  • 09 04:11 Dire Wolf Listen
  • 10 12:15 Dancin’ In The Streets Listen
  • 11 12:47 Turn On Your Lovelight Listen
  • 12 02:18 Not Fade Away Listen
  • 13 07:12 Turn On Your Lovelight Listen
  • Set Length: 01:00:30

PS: there is an audience recording of the set which includes Cold Rain and SNow and Mama Tried which proceeds It’s A Man’s World. The links here are to the Soundboard recording where Bear seems to have missed the first two songs.  These are Internet Archive Recordings.

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