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Jerry Garcia American: Freedom. Liberty. Leave Me Alone, To Find My Own Way Home. 1993-08-22   1 comment

If I was an eagle I’d dress like a duck  kantnergarcia
Crawl like a lizard and honk like a truck
If I get a notion I’ll climb this tree
or chop it down and you can’t stop me
Chop it down and you can’t stop me
Leave me alone
To find my own way home

Liberty.  (Giants Stadium 1993-06-06)

I have been spending some time with the 1993 Grateful Dead concert tapes on the Internet Archive.   The Modern Deadhead blog has a nice discussion of this year with the Dead here.  Jerry is drawing from deep within himself with both is playing and his singing during the summer tour.  There are some powerful performances during 1993 including:

The 1993-08-22 show at the Autzen Stadium an the University of Oregon has been in pretty heavy rotation on my mp3 player.  There is a lot to recommend this show including  a stand away version of Days Between with a great vocal and a strong end solo.  The first set opens with Jack Straw.  About 60 seconds into the show the mikes die and Bob’s guitar set up goes into cardiac arrest.  It takes several minuets for his setup to reboot and come back on line.  Jerry, who is no stranger to equipment failures and guitar solos takes the weight and carries the song with some real pyrotechnics. The first set ends with a fresh sounding The Music Never Stopped.  The second set is action packed starting with Help On the Way –> Slipknot –> Franklin’s Tower.  The closer is really a great Space followed by The Wheel –> I Need A Miracle –> Days Between –> Not Fade Away. WoW.  Liberty takes us home as an encore. Listen NOW!


1993-08-22 Autzen Stadium  (University of Oregon)

Click Track to Play or Steal

01 crowd/tuning 05:07
02 Jack Straw 09:12
03 Bertha 08:04
04 Little Red Rooster 09:26
05 Broken Arrow 05:25
06 Althea 08:02
07 Masterpiece 05:27
08 Tennessee Jed 08:56
09 The Music Never Stopped 08:48
10 crowd/tuning) 02:46
11 Help On The Way– 04:26
12 Slipknot!– 05:28
13 Franklin’s Tower 11:55
14 Samson And Delilah 06:46
15 Ship Of Fools 07:51
16 Corinna– 09:23
17 Drums– 07:46
18 Spacey Drums– 12:38
19 Space– 13:03
20 The Wheel– 06:59
21 I Need A Miracle– 04:05
22 Days Between– 10:51
23 Not Fade Away 11:41
24 Liberty 06:28
With film footage from all over space and time.

13 - 1

And while we are visiting the past here is a little snip from 1981:


Went to the well but the water was dry
Dipped my bucket in the clear blue sky
Looked in the bottom and what did I see?
The whole damned world looking back at me

If I was a bottle I’d spill for love
Sake of mercy I’d kill for love
If I was a liar I’d lie for love
Sake of my baby I’d die for love
Sake of my baby I’d die for love

Leave me alone
To find my own way home
To find my own way home
I’m gonna find my own way home

RIP, Jerry.

Chanting by The Guyoto Monks (1995-06-02)

Grateful Dead Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on 1978-07-08   3 comments

The band is tight, Donna is in good voice and Jerry is hot, hot, hot.  Some folks think this is the 7-7-78“best show” of 1978.  I don’t try to rank them but the  Set I closer (Deal) is great. and the second set is awesome.

Estimated Prophet (with Jerry absolutely in top form) flows into The Other One flows into a monumental Eyes of the World. This is 32 Minutes of peek late 70’s Grateful Dead and more Jerry solos than you can shake a stick at.   The drum break is clean and strong and the short Space sets up a profoundly moving Wharf Rat and then Jerry pulls Franklin’s Tower out of his hat.  Wow. For Turtle fans there is closing Terrapin Station and for what it is a clean version of Werewolves of London.  Well worth a listen.


On the Internet Archive the concert can be found here: Red Rocks Amphitheatre 1978-0708

Google Map it at “: (39° 40′ 4.9872″ N, 105° 12′ 24.2244″ W)

Recording:  Soundboard Processed By Charlie Miller

Individual Songs are linked here (Right Click to SAVE Smile )

01 Bertha + 06:46
02 Good Lovin’ 07:08
03 Dire Wolf 04:24
04 El Paso 04:35
05 It Must Have Been The Roses 07:58
06 New Minglewood Blues 06:47
07 Ramble On Rose 09:19
08 Promised Land 04:58
09 Deal 06:18
10 Samson And Delilah 07:48
11 Ship Of Fools 08:27
12 Estimated Prophet + 12:39
13 The Other One + 09:02
14 Eyes Of The World + 11:24
15 Drums + 11:34
16 Space + 04:00
17 Wharf Rat + 08:42
18 Franklin’s Tower + 10:50
19 Sugar Magnolia 09:45
20 Terrapin Station + 10:54
21 One More Saturday Night 05:31
22 Werewolves Of London 06:40


My (Virtual) Year On Tour With the Grateful Dead   1 comment


From Tape to The Internet

Crimson flames tied through my ears
Rollin’ high and mighty traps
Pounced with fire on flaming roads
Using ideas as my maps
“We’ll meet on edges, soon,” said I
Proud ’neath heated brow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

My Back Pages by Bob Dylan

I first heard the Grateful Dead live in Albuquerque in 1971.  Like many, this was a seminal experience for me, changing my understanding of the meaning of performance and of Rock and Roll.  That over weight, black clad, Prankster with a halo of unmanageable black hair playing guitar was clearly the center of the band and the performance.  I was young and was unaware that this was Captain Trips.   Captain America was more like it.  Nor was I aware of the mythical aura that was even then growing around the band and Jerry and their fans.  Like many, my first experience of the Dead was prepared only by my youth and The Bear’s  purple haze of the night.  In the intervening years I was more attracted to Frank Zappa who produced a consistent recording experience that the Dead never would achieve. After the (limited) success of the Grateful Dead Movie in capturing what the Dead were, the world moved on. But the band played on.  Perhaps it is better that way.  The early taping of Dead shows from  the sound boards (thank you Owsley) and later by dedicated deadhead tapers left us with a rich vein of music and magic in the over 3000 individual live performances available in one form or another.  Beginning in the last decade of the last century, the Dead organization began to issue live sound board recordings from this corpus. 

Dick’s Picks and Me

Half-wracked prejudice leaped forth
“Rip down all hate,” I screamed
Lies that life is black and white
Spoke from my skull. I dreamed
Romantic facts of musketeers
Foundationed deep, somehow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

While a great resource for those of us not conversant in bit torrent, these releases where frequently expensive and (to my ears) over produced which subtracted from the raw energy of the original sound board tapes.  I am lucky to have access to a great music store with plentiful numbers of used Grateful Dead CD.  If you are in Maine visit a local Bull Moose Music store.   I was luck to be able to pick up many Live Dead concert CDs at a reasonable price.  Thank you Bull Moose.  Although the official Dead releases enhanced my life, there are some problems:

I) The list prices are quite high (try to get used copies)

II) Selections for the Dick’s Pick Series seem to be primarily based on best complete shows (The Dead were often hit and miss in the same night and limiting yourself to the best complete show skips a lot of great music. This problem has been reduced by the newer Road Trips Series and specialty releases like Ladies and Gentlemen… the Grateful Dead which cooks down the best of a four night stand at the Fillmore, 1971).

III) The processing of the raw tapes, IMHO, sometimes cook the life out of some the releases.

IV) Some of the specialty releases seem to be picked more for the historical importance than the quality of the performance (Closing the Winterland, for example).

Having said all that, if you can get the official releases used, some of them are great.

A Short Divergence in Our Story

Girls’ faces formed the forward path
From phony jealousy
To memorizing politics
Of ancient history
Flung down by corpse evangelists
Unthought of, though, somehow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

I started to cooked down my copies of the official live releases into playlist CDs (favorites of 1974, Dark Star releases, etc.).  Then I had open heart surgery, caught a post operative wound infection and almost died.  Stephen Gould wrote someplace that the greatest species in evolution are Bactria.  They are everywhere.  There are more Bactria in your body than body cells.  And I was in the three month war between the bugs and myself ( to be honest I had massive antibiotic infusions on my side).  My day was composed of pain medicine, James Joyce’s Ulysses, The Bible, and my CDs of live Dark Star performances.  Let’s just say that Dark Star and the Gospel of Mark were more significant than Tramadol in my recovery.   Rehab consisted of countless hours of treadmill work.  That, and an MP3 player packed with Scarlet Begonia and Fire on the Mountain.

BTW: Tom Constanten said somewhere that they didn’t play Dark Star, it was always going on,  they just joined in.  Although T.C. recommends ‘any East Coast Dark Star’ my favorites are early West Coast versions.

The Internet Archive Connection

In a soldier’s stance, I aimed my hand
At the mongrel dogs who teach
Fearing not that I’d become my enemy
In the instant that I preach
My pathway led by confusion boats
Mutiny from stern to bow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

The Internet Archive, in early 2000 began collecting, digitalizing and making available for re-distribution the large body of Grateful Dead concerts made by independent tapers and sound board recordings (SB) which were in circulation.  By policy SB recordings are available for playing on the web site and non-SB recordings are available for downloading.  There are multiple recordings available for most shows and these vary in quality from commercially releasable to barely audible.  There are over 8,000 individual recording of about 1,900 shows.  About 1,000 of these are SB. While vast the Internet Archive is not the most accessible site. Like most people I started with the feature of the Grateful Dead collection called:

Click Me:

 Grateful Dead Shows on This Day In History 

(If you have never been there – try the link right now).

For 08-30 (today while I am writing this) the Internet Archive will display 30 recordings (for shows of this date in 1985, 1983, 1981, 1980, 1970 and 1969).  There are limited sort options of these results.  Selecting a given recording brings one to a new web page containing an online player and (if the show is not an SB) download options.  I was hooked on the musical possibilities but trapped  by the limited user interface of the Internet Archive.   I wanted more.  Much more…

Hacking The Internet Archive

A self-ordained professor’s tongue Too serious to fool 
Spouted out that liberty
Is just equality in school
“Equality,” I spoke the word
As if a wedding vow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now

My goal was to have the ability to listen to ALL of the Dead’s concerts but using only the best recordings and to be able to move through the collection using a better user interface which would allow me to decide where and when to go to any individual date. My goal was to spend a year and at least sample all 1,900 concerts and listen completely to all SB concert recordings.  I decided to complete this project in 12 months.  To do this I would first need to wrestle the Internet Archive (IA) to its knees.  Little did I know that this would take me on a programming journey involving three programing languages (Ruby, Javascript and C#), two data specifications (XML and JSON), two database engines (couchdb and SQL Server) as well as understanding the (somewhat loosely documented) search engine of IA, and more….  Readers interested in the technical details should see my series of postings on Ruby on Rails and CouchDB.  Please see Part 5 has the details of how to hack the Internet Archive to get at the data for the Grateful Dead recordings on IA.  Thus armed with the complete dataset from the Internet Archive of Grateful Dead recordings and a new front end I was ready to begin my listening  project.  There are over 8,000 recordings of over 2,000 concerts on the Internet Archive.  My first cut on the recordings in to use an algorithm to select ONE recording for each recording date for review.  This is a very simple selection based on the first of:

  • Was processed by Charlie Miller (IMHO the BEST processor of Grateful Dead Tapes)
  • Is a Sound Board Recording
  • Is  a Matrix Recording
  • Is the most recently posted tape for a given date.

Does this process miss some gems? Undoubtedly but it did give me 2,000 tapes to review rather than 8,000. With this criteria in place,  my local copy of the IA database and my own UI for IA I started listening in July, 2011.  I did not attempt to listen to all 2,000 recordings completely.  If a recording was of poor quality or the band was out of tune or Jerry was ‘uninspired’ I abandoned the tape have brief samples of my favorite tunes.  In the end I reviewed about 1,000 concerts by in thirteen months (I finished during the ‘days between’ period;[August 1 and  August 9]).  I ended up with about 475  concerts on my personal playlist of ‘greatest concerts’.  Along the way I wrote several reviews on this blog of concerts which I thought were particularly of note. and compiled hyperlinked list of shows by year (the series starts here) and hyperlinks to Dark Star concerts and Scarlet Begonia –> Fire on the Mountain concerts.  All of these blogs contain links to jump right into the concert within the Internet Archive (but you still need to use the IA music player however).  Do I have a favorite sequence of songs, a favorite concert, a favorite era.  Yes.  Am I going to tell you? No.  Dig in visit the Internet Archive and start listening.  It could save your life.


Days Between Grateful Dead

and there were days
and there were days I know
when all we ever wanted
was to learn and love and grow
Once we grew into our shoes
we told them where to go
walked halfway around the world
on promise of the glow
stood upon a mountain top

walked barefoot in the snow
gave the best we had to give
how much we’ll never know we’ll never know

Days Between by Garcia and Hunter





Was It Worth The Trip?




                                                               To Bear and Captain Trips, we say Thank You and Rest In Peace.

All photos by cloud2013 except Bear and Captain Trips Credit: Rosi McGee 


PS: Stupid Grateful Dead Statistics From the Internet Archive Database

Top 12 Most Played By Era (excluding Space and Drums):

Title 1967-1971 1972-1978 1979-1990 1991-1995
Althea     *  
Big River   *    
Brown Eyed Women   *    
Casey Jones *      
Cassidy     *  
China Cat Sunflower *      
Corrina       *
Crazy Fingers       *
Cryptical Envelopment *      
Cumberland Blues *      
Dark Star *      
Deal   *    
El Paso   *    
Estimated Prophet     *  
Eyes Of ThWorld       *
Good Lovin *      
Hard to Handle *      
I Know You Rider *   *  
Jack Straw   *    
Lazy River Road       *
Little Red Rooster     *  
Looks Like Rain     *  
Me and My Uncle *      
Mexicali Blues   *    
Not Fade Away * * * *
Playing In ThBand   * *  
Sugar Magnolia   * * *
Sugaree   *    
Tennesse Jed   *    
Terrapin Station       *
The Other One     *  
Throwing Stones       *
Truckin   * *  
Turn On Your Lovelight *      
Uncle Johns Band *     *
Wang Dang Doodle       *
Way To Go Home       *
Wharf Rat     *  
When I Paint My Masterpiece       *

Internet Archive:  All Recordings and Sound Board Recordings


Concert Length


Song Counts By Year(Dark Star, Playin’ in the Band and Scarlet Begonia –> Fire On The Mountain)


Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) Two Concerts from 1995   Leave a comment

David Crosby: Cause I’m Missing Jerry Tonight (2012)

Cause I’m missing him tonight

If I had to pick one of us to speak for us all
He would have done the job well
Coming from some crazy angle
He’d have known which story to tell
he’d tell the truth about real music
he knew the truth long before he fell

His fingers would touch his guitar neck
My axe would be pressed to my chest
A chord and a melody would walk in the door
Closely followed by all of the rest
Magic and tragic and triumph and storm
and all the things we had sought on our quest

You get your ego out of the way of your hearts
The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts

A sort of field pops into existence
Everything lifts off the ground
You know that you’re doing what you were born to do
That you’re using the gift that you’ve found
To create some lift and break all the chains
with which all our people are bound

he did it for all the right reasons
and made all of our mistakes
a more human man you could not find
an accelerator without the brakes
but he had the brains and the heart and the spirit
Garcia really had what it takes

The Internet Archive has a gigantic collection of Grateful Dead.  You can find out more about these tapes here and here.

Here are two representative concerts from the last tour.  While Jerry can clearly see the end of his struggles there are some songs (if not full concerts) during the last few months. The I Want to Tell You / Estimated Prophet run on 1995-05-24 is sweet, Jerry even asks for requests at the end of (a very nice)Terrapin Station, “…and we we play the one which freaks us out the most.” This is probably the best Estimated Prophet in the 1995 season. Please note the 1995-05-24 track list (from several sources differs from the tracks on the concert recording presented here (see this link for an alternative track listing).  The 1995-05-21 concert is longer and the band is very together and the sound board recording is processed by the master of the tapes: Charlie Miller. There are several high points in this show of which one reviewer  wrote:

I knew if I look long enough in the ’95 section if the archive I’d finally find a show that wasn’t either a moribund death march, a Jerry free zone, a sloppy mess or a combination of all three. (In this concert)…everybody is present. I can listen to it without the caveat “it’s really good for ’95”

Among the high lights are West L.A. Fadaway, Eyes Of the World and a beautiful run from Spanish Jam –> The Other One –> Days Between –> Sugar Manolia and then the closer: Liberty.  All in all a nice way to go.

It was a great, Jerry and thank you. I will miss you.

1995-05-24 – Memorial Stadium Listen

Memorial Stadium: 1995-05-24

  • 01 09:12 Iko Iko Listen
  • 02 07:43 St. Of Circumstance Listen
  • 03 06:27 Way To Go Home Listen
  • 04 05:01 I Want To Tell You Listen
  • 05 15:45 Estimated ProphetListen
  • 06 10:39 Truckin’Listen
  • 07 19:38 Terrapin Station Listen
  • Concert Length: 01:05:25

1995-05-21 – The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V. Listen

The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V.: 1995-05-21

  • 01 07:52 Jack Straw Listen
  • 02 09:46 West L.A. Fadeaway Listen
  • 03 08:26 Little Red Rooster Listen
  • 04 09:01 Ramble On Rose Listen
  • 05 06:57 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Listen
  • 06 10:06 So Many Roads -> Listen
  • 07 04:41 Promised Land Listen
  • 08 10:57 Samson And Delilah Listen
  • 09 06:30 Unbroken Chain Listen
  • 10 12:42 Eyes Of The World -> Listen
  • 11 13:46 Corrina -> Listen
  • 12 14:26 Drums -> Listen
  • 13 10:04 Space -> Listen
  • 14 03:38 Spanish Jam -> Listen
  • 15 07:31 The Other One -> Listen
  • 16 11:19 Days Between -> Listen
  • 17 09:47 Sugar Magnolia Listen
  • 18 05:48 Liberty Listen
  • Concert Length: 02:08:17

Grateful Dead: Three Nights in June, 1990–Live on the Internet Archive   Leave a comment

Jerry Garcia once said that he didn’t care what venue he played at but that what he liked was to play the same venue on successive days.  These three nights in June, 1990 are nice sound board recordings of Jerry and the Grateful Dead on what was, for many, the last great tour.  Throughout the Dead’s career, the keyboard player was  integral to the Dead’s sound.  Amazingly the three great Dead key board players brought remarkably different talents to the band and indeed, the band (and Jerry) sounds very different depending if its Pig Pen or Godchaux or Mydland.  These shows of course are part of the Mydland era (his last show would be 23 July 1990 and he died on the 26th) .  The recordings on these three nights are available in full on the Internet Archive, are very good. These are NOT modern, cold, digital recordings.  The crowd can often be heard in the background.  Bob’s supporting guitar work is excellent and easy to hear on these tapes.  Jerry and Brent  are pretty subdued, and soulful.  Of the three shows 06/08 is my favorite the run from Bird Song through Foolish Heart are particularly sweet.  The second night, for me, suffers from a set list not to my tastes(although Lucy Loose and All Along the Watchtower are unforgettable.).  The last night has some great runs including Playin’ in the Band –> Crazy Fingers -> Playing In The Band Jam  as well as the closing of Standing On the Moon through ‘Last Time.  All of Jerry’s ‘first set classics’ like Jack-A-Roe, Jack Straw and Row Jimmy are great examples of the types of sweet solos Jerry developed late in his career.  If you are looking for the classic, happy hippy ‘Keep On Truckin’ Grateful Dead, you will not find them here.  This is the mature Jerry Garcia (he was 48 and in poor health) with thirty years and thousands of shows on the road.  Death did stalk the halls on these nights and Jerry plays against the devil.  And the music plays the band.

Cal Expo Amphitheatre: 1990-06-08

  • 01 06:46 Cold Rain & Snow* Listen
  • 02 07:13 Walkin’ Blues Listen
  • 03 05:39 Easy To Love You Listen
  • 04 05:01 Jack-A-Roe Listen
  • 05 08:06 Queen Jane Approximately Listen
  • 06 07:51 High Time Listen
  • 07 08:52 It’s All Over Now Listen
  • 08 12:00 Bird Song Listen
  • 09 10:23 Uncle John’s Band ? Listen
  • 10 11:22 China Cat Sunflower ? I Know You Rider Listen
  • 11 10:10 Estimated Prophet ? Listen
  • 12 14:53 Foolish Heart ? Jam ? Listen
  • 13 07:05 Drums ? Listen
  • 14 11:42 Space ? Listen
  • 15 05:34 The Wheel** ? Listen
  • 16 04:02 I Need A Miracle ? Listen
  • 17 09:57 Black Peter ? Listen
  • 18 08:44 Sugar Magnolia/ Listen
  • 19 05:40 U.S. Blues Listen
  • Concert Length: 02:08:00

Cal Expo Amphitheatre: 1990-06-09

  • 01 04:32 Let The Good Times Roll Listen
  • 02 08:54 Feel Like A Stranger Listen
  • 03 09:52 Peggy-O Listen
  • 04 02:47 Me And My Uncle > Listen
  • 05 08:06 Mexicali Blues Listen
  • 06 08:09 Loser Listen
  • 07 07:03 When I Paint My Masterpiece Listen
  • 08 09:48 Loose Lucy Listen
  • 09 06:03 Cassidy > Listen
  • 10 03:27 Don’t Ease Me In Listen
  • 11 08:42 Victim Or The Crime > Listen
  • 12 07:04 Touch Of Grey > Listen
  • 13 08:27 Looks Like Rain > Listen
  • 14 14:53 Terrapin Station > Listen
  • 15 06:24 Drums > Listen
  • 16 07:06 Space > Listen
  • 17 06:09 Dear Mr. Fantasy > Listen
  • 18 05:01 Hey Jude > Listen
  • 19 06:17 All Along The Watchtower > Listen
  • 20 07:09 Stella Blue* > Listen
  • 21 07:57 Turn On Your Lovelight Listen
  • 22 06:31 Black Muddy River** Listen
  • Concert Length: 01:41:54

Cal Expo Amphitheatre: 1990-06-10

  • 01 06:34 Bertha Listen
  • 02 06:03 Jack Straw Listen
  • 03 01:31 We want Phil Listen
  • 04 03:42 Dire Wolf Listen
  • 05 06:37 Wang Dang Doodle Listen
  • 06 11:22 Row Jimmy Listen
  • 07 07:26 Picasso Moon Listen
  • 08 07:46 Tennessee Jed Listen
  • 09 04:53 The Promised Land Listen
  • 10 05:28 Box Of Rain Listen
  • 11 14:59 Eyes of the World -\> Listen
  • 12 08:27 Playing In The Band-\> Listen
  • 13 10:17 Crazy Fingers -\> Playing In The Band Jam -\> Listen
  • 14 07:30 Drums -\> Listen
  • 15 08:44 Space-\> Listen
  • 16 06:48 Gimme Some Lovin\’ -\> Listen
  • 17 10:27 Standing On The Moon -\> Listen
  • 18 09:08 Throwing Stines -\> Listen
  • 19 07:50 Not Fade Away Listen
  • 20 06:01 The Last Time Listen

The Grateful Dead: 1977-04-23   Leave a comment

This is one concert that the Dick’s Pick series could have released but didn’t.  Listen to it now before they charge you for it, it is available free on the Internet Archive.   This is part of the great spring tour which produced so many memorable Scarlet Begonia –> Fire On the Mountain.  He it appears in the unusual position as the first set closer.  Keith Godchaux was playing the Hammond B-3 organ for much of the concert that night which contributes to the unique sound of this concert.  Row Jimmy in the first set was a stellar performance.  Jerry and Donna’s voices are tightly intertwined, Keith is adding just the right minimalists organ and Phil sounds great playing notes so low they don’t sound possible on an electric bass.  Jerry and Bob are both on slide guitar and Jerry’s heartbreakingly beautiful sole is a gift. Twelve minutes and 24 seconds of intimacy.  The whole concert is well miked and the bass performance of the recordings are excellent.  The second set starts with Estimated Prophet and the sequence:

The Music Never Stopped –> Help On The Way –> Slipknot –> Franklin’s Tower

is on fire (so to speak).  The Dark Star was shinning bright on this night. wOw.

Springfield Civic Center Arena: 1977-04-23

  • 01 13:58 Sugaree Listen
  • 02 06:36 Cassidy Listen
  • 03 10:03 Loser Listen
  • 04 06:31 New Minglewood Blues Listen
  • 05 07:59 Ramble On Rose Listen
  • 06 06:34 Me And My Uncle Listen
  • 07 12:24 Row Jimmy Listen
  • 08 08:03 It’s All Over Now Listen
  • 09 07:08 Scarlet Begonias -> Listen
  • 10 11:01 Fire On The Mountain Listen
  • 11 01:38 Tuning/Take A Step Back Listen
  • 12 08:30 Estimated Prophet Listen
  • 13 10:02 Bertha Listen
  • 14 08:11 The Music Never Stopped Listen
  • 15 05:38 Help On The Way -> Listen
  • 16 08:24 Slipknot! -> Listen
  • 17 10:33 Franklin’s Tower -> Listen
  • 18 07:06 Around And Around -> Listen
  • 19 08:50 Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad -> Listen
  • 20 12:59 Not Fade Away Listen
  • 21 04:51 One More Saturday Night Listen
  • Concert Length: 02:16:51

You Got Mail:

January, 2016 incoming comment:

We will only ask you once.

There will be no second chances.

Remove the photo of Keith Godchaux.

You do not have our permission to use it.

If there are any doubts, refer to this original posting:’s%20Fox%20Soundcheck%20pix/FoxPix.html

Using our work without our permission is the least of your problems.

Removing “copyright management information” violates Federal law.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act also forbids removing the name of the author.

Under 17 US Code – 1202/1203, you will be liable for $2,500 – $25,000

Is your attorney willing to defend a Federal lawsuit that’s a sure loser?

We’ve been a member of our local Bar Association for over 20 years.

Ignoring this polite request will result in significant action.

Thanks for your time and attention.

I removed the photo (Please visit the Link Above to view the photo). I wrote back to “Bob”:

Lighten up Bob.  Photo has been removed.

“Bob” replied:

Dear Dennis,

Thanks for taking down the photo.

If our request appeared heavy-handed, it’s for good reason.

Our photos could easily become “public domain”.

That’s not acceptable.

We’ve been jacked-around quite a bit lately.

Two national companies have infringed our work, big-time.

If they’re lucky, the US attorney won’t being felony charges.

Have a good year.


The Grateful Dead – The 1995 Tapes On The Internet Archive   30 comments

The Grateful Dead Concert Tapes On The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s Grateful Dead is a great collection of concert tapes. There are over 2,000 unique concerts. There are multiple recordings of most concerts. This series attempts to provide a simple interface to this collection by selecting one recording for each concert on a given date. Preference is given to tapes processed by the great Charlie Miller and sound board tapes. Not all shows are well recorded but the there are great moments here. Dig in and enjoy! You didn’t have to be there. Good Luck.

The Grateful Dead Valentines of Flesh and Blood (1990 –1995)

After a very successful spring/summer 1990 tour Brent Mydland, the Dead’s long time keyboard player Brent Mydland died of a drug overdose.  His last show with The Grateful Dead was on 23 July 1990. Vince Welnick (formerly of  The Tubes) joined on key boards.  From time to time between September 1990 and March 1992, Bruce Hornsby also played with the band on his grand piano.  There are some great shows after July 1990, especially when Bruce was present.  Jerry’s continued health problems (and drug addiction) crippled his singing and sometimes the Drums –> Space portion of the concerts could last for up to an hour.  Jerry did deliver some of his finest (blues oriented) solos during this period (listen to such songs as Days Betweenand Standing On the Moon).  Robert Greenfields excellent Dark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia  provides important contributions to understanding what was happening to Jerry (and the band) during these ‘final days’.  Jerry Garcia died August 9, 1995. RIP

In This Series:

1960 1970 1980 1990
____ 1971 1981 1991
____ 1972 1982 1992
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The 1995 Grateful Dead Tapes On The Internet Archive

1995-01-01 – Various Listen

1995-02-19 – Delta Center Listen

1995-02-20 – Delta Center Listen

1995-02-21 – The Delta Center Listen

1995-02-24 – Oakland Coliseum Arena Listen

1995-02-25 – Oakland Coliseum Arena Listen

1995-02-26 – Oakland-Alameda Listen

1995-03-17 – The Spectrum Listen

1995-03-18 – The Spectrum Listen

1995-03-19 – The Spectrum Listen

1995-03-22 – Charlotte Coliseum Listen

1995-03-23 – Charlotte Coliseum Listen

1995-03-24 – Charlotte Coliseum Listen

1995-03-26 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-27 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-28 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-29 – The Omni Listen

1995-03-30 – The Omni Listen

1995-04-01 – The Pyramid Listen

1995-04-02 – The Pyramid Listen

1995-04-04 – Jefferson Civic Center Coliseum Listen

1995-04-05 – Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Coliseum Listen

1995-04-07 – Tampa Stadium Listen

1995-05-19 – Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Listen

1995-05-20 – Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Listen

1995-05-21 – The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V. Listen

1995-05-24 – Memorial Stadium Listen

1995-05-25 – Memorial Stadium Listen

1995-05-26 – Memorial Stadium Listen

1995-05-28 – Portland Meadows Listen

1995-05-29 – Portland Meadows Listen

1995-06-02 – The Shoreline Amphitheatre Listen

1995-06-03 – Shoreline Amphitheatre Listen

1995-06-04 – Shoreline Amphitheatre Listen

1995-06-15 – Franklin County Airport Listen

1995-06-18 – Giants Stadium Listen

1995-06-19 – Giants Stadium Listen

1995-06-21 – Knickerbocker Arena Listen

1995-06-22 – Knickerbocker Arena Listen

1995-06-24 – RFK Stadium Listen

1995-06-25 – Robert F. Kennedy Stadium Listen

1995-06-27 – The Palace Listen

1995-06-28 – The Palace Listen

1995-06-30 – Three Rivers Stadium Listen

1995-07-02 – Deer Creek Music Center Listen

1995-07-05 – Riverport Amphitheater Listen

1995-07-06 – Riverport Amphitheater Listen

1995-07-08 – The Soldier Field Listen

1995-07-09 – The Soldier Field Listen

From the 1995-07-09 Show: Black Muddy River.  Jerry’s Last Solo

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