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Grateful Dead 1989 Perfomances   2 comments

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1989 Tour Statistics & Notes

Spring 1989 California

Spring 1989 East Coast

Dead.Net Releases From 1989

  • 890704 Truckin’ Up To Buffalo Rich Stadium
  • 891016 Nightfall Of Diamonds  Meadowlands Arena
  • 890707  Crimson White & Indigo – JFK Stadium
  • 1989 – 1990 Without a Net
  • Alpine Valley Music Theater in 1989  DVD

West L.A. Fadeaway Alpine Valley Music Theater in 1989

The Buffalo and Meadowlands concerts are not, in my opinion, the best of 1989.  Nightfall of Diamonds in particular falls short of being a great show.   However, like all Dead.Net releases the sound remixing is great.  The vocals are far richer on these releases than on the more raw tapes found on the Internet Archive.   Crimson White & Indigo is based on the  89/07/07 JFK Stadium Concert.   This is a Dead.Net release which I do not own, so I am going on what I hear on the raw non-sound board recordings on the Internet Archive.  The show includes a  nice Scarlet Begonia ->Fire On The Mountain combination and a ‘big arena’ sound that some may find exciting.  Without A Net was produced by Phil.  Three cuts are from 1989.    The production seems a little ‘cold’ to me.  There is a DVD concert video which is a lot of fun: Alpine Valley Music Theater in 1989 DVD you can rent this at many video stores (or watch clips of the concert DVD available on YouTube and elsewhere).

Internet Archive Dead Soundboard Recordings – 1989

There are some interesting shows here and some fantastic (and unique)  performances of individual songs.  Brent and Jerry are interacting with amazing grace.  Phil is flying.  Jerry is in fine voice and guitar form.  I am listing in this section only shows on the Internet Archive with sound board recordings for 1989.  There are other gems out there on the Internet Archive which are available only in audience recordings.  I have concentrated here on Soundboard (and where possible, Matrix) recordings of these two tours.

Internet Archive Usage Notes

In a prior post I explained two ways to capture “streaming media” off the Internet Archive.  In this post I will give some pointers on finding Grateful Dead recordings on the Internet Archive.  A good place to start is the Grateful Dead Collection Home Page.  Try the link:  Grateful Dead Shows on This Day in History.  Listen to what others are downloading.

The Internet Archive supports an advanced search option.  You can use the search templates provided here to narrow your search.  Just change the date and/or target song phrases to match your needs and paste the text into the search Box.


collection:(GratefulDead) AND date:1989-??-??

returns all Grateful Dead recordings for 1989


collection:(GratefulDead) AND date:1989-??-?? AND (subject:”Soundboard” OR subject:”Matrix”)

returns all Grateful Dead recordings for 1989 in either soundboard or Matrix format


collection:(GratefulDead) AND date:1989-??-?? AND (subject:”Soundboard” OR subject:”Matrix”) AND “Fire On The Mountain”

returns all Grateful Dead recordings for 1989 in either soundboard or Matrix format of Fire On The Mountain

Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain in 1989

In general this song series is not as strong here as in the golden years (1977-1981), but interesting none the less.

Fantasy Dead Sets: 1989.  What’s On My IPOD

  • California Earthquake: The Spectrum 891020
  • Touch Of Gray: Truckin’Up To Buffalo
  • I’m A Man: Great Western LA Forum 891210
  • Feels Like A Stranger: Cal Expo Amphitheater 890806
  • West L.A. Fadaway:  Giants Stadium 890708
  • Bird Song: Cal Expo Amphitheater (Hear Jerry ‘play’ the flute – guitar driven Synclavier. Unbelievable!!) 891209
  • The Wheel: Great Western LA Forum 891210
  • The Other One: The Spectrum 891020
  • Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain:  Cal Expo Amphitheater 890806
  • Estimated Prophet: The Omni 890327
  • Not Fade Away: Truckin’Up To Buffalo
  • Build To Last: Nightfall Of Diamonds
  • All Along The Watchtower: Truckin’Up To Buffalo
  • Around And Around: Crisler Arena 890406
  • Breakdown Palace: Crisler Arena 890406
  • West L.A. Fadeaway :  Shoreline 891020
  • Feels Like A Stranger: Hampton Collage 891009

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